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09-14-2010, 05:57 AM
here is one i started on 9/11 as a tribute to those who lost ones in this terrible event in our history
used these two references - and did it with watercolor as two layer
may we never forget

09-14-2010, 06:03 AM
Such a sad event and horrible crime! The utmost cowardy is brainwashing pople to suicide killing innocent people. The worst crime is to have this done on behalf of the Allmighty. The greatest stupidity is to execute such a deed losing the only life we have as a gift and an opportunity.

09-14-2010, 08:34 AM
A sad day that will aways be remembered, so very well expressed

09-14-2010, 09:51 AM
Beautiful Nina.

09-14-2010, 10:17 AM
Very nice and God Bless our great American friends....

Mairzie Dotes
09-14-2010, 10:31 AM
I seriously considered creating a piece in memory of this tragic
event but honestly, became too emotional on where to even
begin. Spent the day watching documentaries of this sad event
while being riveted to my chair. Every time I watch a rerun, it is
as if it is occuring for the first time all over again, almost as if I
had been there but ... it could have happened anywhere and ...
lest we forget? ... never ... not ever! In sincere gratitude for
remembering this sorry day in history with your art ... thank you! :)

09-14-2010, 09:54 PM
Dear Mair actually it did happen again later on, although in a different form, in both London and Madrid, as well as continuously and repeatedly continues in all those unlucky places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Somalia, where suicide and mass killings by religious fanatics go on, also if they don't have anymore a particular mediatic resonance.
Barbarism and sacrilege at once.

09-15-2010, 12:13 AM
Wonderful, realistic painting.:)

Actually , this year I almost forgot the 9/11. That day I was in DC, my office was only 4 miles from the white house and not far from Pentagon. We could see the smoke from Pentagon and I still remember how chaos to get out of the city. The trip home normally took less than 2 hours for us, but that day, it took 4.5 hours and people became a tad nasty in metros, sad, really. Lost a person I knew in Pentagon, so close to retirement, poor man!:mad:

I don't wish things like that to any country, may God (whatever different names we all call Him) protect us.

09-15-2010, 08:22 AM
I watched this live on TV and was taken by pure shock as to the scale of this travesty there are some horrendous people out there in the world.:(:mad::mad:
A loving tribute lovingly done.