View Full Version : Cauldron

08-14-2010, 07:24 PM
A rectified version of the one I wrecked up yesterday,I posted it,but then took it off it was so bad,heres the original one that I have dug out of the bin and mended it a bit,still think theres something basically wrong with it,but I am posting this because I dont have anything else finished yet, ...hope you like the picture anyway....Jack.

08-14-2010, 07:28 PM
Lovely dark and moody... the perspective on the jug works especially well and really pulls my eye as a focal point. Wonderful work :):)

08-15-2010, 02:38 AM
Jack, all I see is beauty and a wonderful painting, nothing wrong there;):):):)

08-15-2010, 04:28 AM
Excellent work Jack. I missed the original post of this but this one is fantastic. Very thought provoking and begs for a story to go along with it. Well done!

08-16-2010, 08:49 AM
Always like you paintings Jack. This one sure tells a story and I wonder what it really it. Its great:)