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08-03-2010, 11:54 PM
Hi, this is on the same river where foot massge takes place. Hubby and I get into routines when we stay in Thailand, going to market in the morning, then read or watch TV until lunch time. We don't go places much, so one day we dragged ourselves out by the river. We sure saw differrent life there.:D

This painting was painted from a photo I took. Went to talk to the young man with the fish net later. Was told that that was how he makd a living. That morning, all he caught was a few very small fish, not enough even for breakfast. He offered to sell them to us and we bought, added a generous amout of money which he tried to decline (nice to see honesty), so we explained that it was a good sight for us to see him throwing the net beautifully. My father who was a patrol policeman tried that when I was little and went fishing together, he looked like a monkey all wrapped up by fish net. :eek:

We let go the fish down the river. It was a good morning for us.

The first time I tried to paint sunlight coming down to trees.

Please feel free to comment and advice.:)

08-04-2010, 12:15 AM
It's just wonderful Jasmine. Great colors, and you indeed captured the freshness of morning. Well done.:)

08-04-2010, 12:25 AM
I'm really loving the style you're developing in this piece and in your other pieces; 'our hand-made kites', 'massage in the sunset and 'our brother, the water buffalo' (all are works with people in them). It reminds me of the early work of the famous australian artist Sydney Nolan here's a link to one of his paintings if you're not familiar with his work:-
Keep up the fantastic work :):)

08-04-2010, 01:10 AM
I am with Juz, Jasmine... you are growing like a weed as an artist. Love the trees...the yellows are so delicious... and the stories going with them pictures makes them so warm and inviting... we are traveling across those fareaway places with you...
First half from the top pic could easily stand alone... how beautifully it is painted...i am so happy for you and am looking forward to a lots of your lovely works in the future. God bless.

08-04-2010, 01:43 AM
Beautiful Jasmine!

08-04-2010, 03:45 AM
Jasmine this is so beautiful, the colors are bright and sunny, you can feel the warmth, lovely job:):):)

08-04-2010, 06:09 AM
Nicely done, and your story just sets the right tone! (Or rather, your painting captures the tone of your story. :))

08-04-2010, 11:41 AM
More and more I appreciate and like very much your painting.:)

08-06-2010, 01:06 AM

Thanks to everyone of you for the kind, encouraging comments.

I always like characters in a painting, somehow it makes the connection easier. When I look at abstracts, I ended up badly disoriented.:confused:

Again, all of you make it a great try for me. I had to wait until I retired (early) before starting painting again and with the digital painting, my clothes and face are no longer full of paint dots.!!!:eek:

Happy painting to all of you.:)