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08-01-2010, 04:04 AM
Ive always been fascinated by this fellow. I have many items around the house with various renderings of him. This one is based on a cut metal wall hanging I have in my den.

Following is a brief overview of Kokopelli:

Known as a fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller, Kokopelli has been a source of wonder throughout the country for centuries. Kokopelli embodies the true American Southwest, and dates back over 3,000 years ago, when the first petroglyphs were carved. Although his true origins are unknown, this traveling, flute-playing Casanova is a sacred figure to many Southwestern Native Americans. Carvings of this hunch-backed flute-playing figure have been found painted and carved into rock walls and boulders throughout the Southwest. (from Kokopelli.com)

(AR 2.06: basic canvas, oils at 100% metallic)

L Skylar Brown
08-01-2010, 02:25 PM
Thanks for the image, and the info - it has started me on a new path of discovery.

08-01-2010, 11:48 PM
Neat idea, and very well done Scott!:)

08-02-2010, 12:57 AM
Cool stuff Scott -- thanks for the background as well as the look at the painting!

08-02-2010, 01:07 AM
I appreciate the info. written for I do need the connection. Well done.:)

08-02-2010, 08:40 AM
Scott, love this one, I painted Kokopelli right on my livingroom wall several years ago and he is still there....nice work, by the way you inspired me to paint somewhat similar to your Piazza because I loved it so much, would you check it out and tell me what you think, it's called Stranger's Hall:)

08-02-2010, 09:32 AM
Thanks guys for taking a look!

08-02-2010, 11:16 AM
That's really neat Scott. One of my sisters loves him too and has collected them. I never bothered to look into this design, that is very interesting.

08-02-2010, 04:43 PM
This is really cool, and the metallic effects within the figure are outstanding :):)

08-02-2010, 05:12 PM
very very nice... well , im symbolism... and i very like it ...

08-03-2010, 09:55 AM
Hi scootf
Thank you for the information and i like this painting:rolleyes::)

08-03-2010, 12:31 PM
Scott, fantastica imagem.:eek::eek::eek:

08-04-2010, 06:17 AM
Once again, thanks to you for your interest and kind words!