View Full Version : I Robot - Tribute to Isaac Asimov

07-24-2010, 12:24 AM
I did just another quick experiment to set up some personal procedures to some extent inspired by Andrea's tutorial once more.
Completely imaginary. It's just two layers, but I bet I can get much better outcomes using more than two layers and some glazing ...
Thank You Andrea!
See You all soon !!! :)

07-24-2010, 01:08 AM
Wow, Caesar the red eyed monster:):):)very well done

07-24-2010, 05:15 AM
WoW Cesare, tell him to stop staring. He really does have the most piercing eyes.:)

07-24-2010, 06:23 AM
Ciao Cesare! You have some great textures there! I definitely think you should push this project even more :)

L Skylar Brown
07-24-2010, 07:36 AM
Very Cool! One of my favorite Asimov stories. (Not the film)

07-24-2010, 08:43 AM
Thank You, dear Pat! I used to be a science fiction fan too when I was young and, to certain extent and for quality sci-fi novels, I still am.

That's nothing, dear Katie! When it looks to and targets a verruca with his ocular laser he's even more piercing! He's a nice boy though. His positronic brain obeys the three laws of the robotics, the first one being that he could never harm an human being ...

Ciao Andrea! The texture is mainly based by a grey shape on a color grainy paper I developped quickly from various types of canvases in AR aimed at simulating ancient drawing paper that has a particular grain.
I'm going on holidays tomorrow, so I did it at speed light and I didn't follow a planned procedure or used various layers (only two) and olerated also some les than perfect detail (also due to the sharp blender that don't work as expected on the same layer than the initial shape; it gets dark and don't see the grain). As I said, some more layer or, even better, a better process planning (and testing), may improve it very much even keeping it fully imaginary as I did (no reference at all).
I should share this and future merits with You, so, thanks a lot buddy!

Glad You like it and that we share the same passion for the old good Isaac, dear Skylar, may God have him in His Glory! Thank You!