View Full Version : Snapdragon

07-01-2010, 01:38 AM
I think I may have blurred this out to much

07-04-2010, 04:37 AM
I love the colors, and how they blend so nicely. :)

07-04-2010, 05:53 AM
thanks, Evart, I thought I may have blended a little to much lol

07-04-2010, 07:28 AM
The colours really pop at out the canvas, well done Pat:)

07-04-2010, 09:48 AM
Thankyou, Coops, I dont know why this popped up again, I put it in the beginning of the week, but it's good to get feedback again lol:):)

Mairzie Dotes
07-05-2010, 05:18 AM
You have exulted the familiar Snapdragon to a place of gala significance
with this artful interpretation. It is bold, bright and lively, floral art candy
for the eyes. Love it! :)

Did you ever puppeteer a Snapdragon? If you move the lower petal (lip)
up and down you can make it talk ... sort of ... that is if one tends to
revert to one's childhood from time to time. (I fight the urge constantly!) :D :)

07-05-2010, 06:40 AM
Thankyou, Mairzie, what a wonderful comment, and yes I have talked to a snapdragon...lol I quess we all love to go back to being a child now and then:):):)