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06-19-2010, 09:44 PM
Another piece using layers and effects and duplicating-just for a design sense really. I tried to make a collage type effect, and to make something for a card. I think with the right sentiment on the front-it would be okay.

06-20-2010, 02:32 AM
Stunning painting! Petal transparencies and nervations are amazing and whole composition delightful! On of Your bothanical best!

06-20-2010, 03:21 AM
To the one I love.........
How lovely and delicate they are stunning dear Sandra:):)

06-20-2010, 03:25 AM
Awww, thanks so much Cesare. I am happy that you liked it.:)

Excellent-I will add this perfect sentiment Amanda! Thanks my Friend!:)

06-20-2010, 03:53 AM
You are very welcome:):), My hubby got me some bright yellow ones the other week. I took a pic of them to paint later

06-20-2010, 03:59 AM
Most interesting and visually pleasing

06-20-2010, 05:24 AM
Beautiful Tulips, Alex. But then l would not expect anything less from your exceptional talent. Best wishes Jo X

06-20-2010, 05:46 AM
Very pretty, reminds me of a tissue paper collage, only better.

06-20-2010, 07:43 AM
very nice indeed..love the use of the colours...

06-20-2010, 08:24 AM
Earle, Jo, MaryLou, and Jon, Thanks so much for all of your kind comments. They are so much appreciated.:):):):):):)

Amanda, I look forward to seeing your painting of those yellow tulips!

06-20-2010, 10:11 AM
Very pretty, Alexandra. Lovely idea.

06-20-2010, 08:56 PM
Wonderful painting Sandra and I think one of your best. Love the colours:)

06-20-2010, 09:53 PM
AT and Katie, Thanks so much!:)

06-21-2010, 02:00 AM
As my wife, who complains that I keep mowing down her flowers, thinking they are weeds, will tell you - what I know about flowers wouldn't fill a thimble....

However - I know what I like, and I like this a lot.
Well done Sandy!:):)

06-21-2010, 06:25 AM
Oh Mike, Bless your heart! My poor husband gets an ear full quite often from me-on the evils of the weed wacker thinga majig, and I get an ear full about how many things I have planted! I have a dream of this fantastically landscaped yard, and that I will have little fairies take care of it for me! Haha, but reality hits, and my husband wins and my flowers some times loose.:rolleyes: Thanks for your sweet comment Dear Friend.:)

06-21-2010, 05:27 PM
I use to refer to these flowers as two-lips lol I like how they seem to appear like silk. Nice job Sandra :)

06-21-2010, 07:56 PM
Another beautiful painting Alexandra http://img.forumfree.net/html/emoticons/w00t.gif

06-22-2010, 01:07 AM
haha Evelyn! You know I have this one variety planted around my birdbath, that is about to fall apart. Dogs and birdbaths don't go together, hey not much goes with my two! Anyway-they are true red with black center. I took a photo of them and they are absolutely stunning. I will upload it soon. I hope that I can talk Katie into painting them for me. (look out Katie-if you read this!) I just wish that they would lost longer! The name, I wonder from where it came and why? I agree it is strange. Thanks for your viewing and comments dear friend!

Misterpaint, Thanks ever so much, I am again thrilled by your viewing and comment and really appreciate it!

06-22-2010, 09:29 AM
Wonderful image ,this would make a perfect card,well done Sandra!:):):)

06-22-2010, 10:26 AM
Thanks so much Scott!:)

06-22-2010, 10:38 PM
Beautiful tulips, great job.:):):)

06-23-2010, 02:39 AM
Thanks very much Javier!:)

06-24-2010, 08:56 AM
Wonderful:eek: painting Alexandra.

06-24-2010, 08:56 AM
Thank you so much Dear Oriane!