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06-17-2010, 01:57 AM
A paradigmatic event struck me today and I couldn't refrain from illustrating it wordlessly.
I believe it's well known, especially in US and in Texas in particular, what made me wonder once again on this matter.
The fundamental question about what justice is, what punishment, its proper measure and aim are. The fundamental considerations of Cesare Beccaria thereabout, written more than two centuries ago, are unfortunately mostly unknown or eluded.
This is one basic question that everybody, and especially western civilization and democracies cannot elude (and recently got an initial answer by a United Nations resolution) for proudly go on contributing its leading vision to a universal promotion of induividuals and their rights against any ancestral instinct and barbarian culture.

06-17-2010, 02:12 AM
crikey at least hear my side of the story before chopping me barnett off Caesar AHHH and the croad roared NEXT :D:D:D

06-17-2010, 07:39 AM
Don't worry for Your head (and wonderful, fluent beard, I guess), dear Eighty+, on this side m. Guillotin retired since some time ...:D

06-17-2010, 09:56 AM
Very good drawing and statement...mmust say that i love mr.headsman for his gorgeous muscles but hope they are not steroidal. ;)

06-17-2010, 08:03 PM
Great painting Cesare with such a good story. Heres to keeping ones head on ones shoulders. :)

06-17-2010, 08:05 PM
Dear Anna, I wouldn't have painted it (and I did it quite quickly), if the news of David Powell's execution in Texas and the relevant story did not shock me so deeply. A paradigmatic, but concrete case.
The story here is that he killed a guy who killed a policeman when he was very young and under drugs effects is killed after 32 years.
He paid with his freedom. He then behaved well also with his mates.He got two positive judgments both reverted. He got no grace (probably for mean politics reasons). He couldn't endanger society and he couldn't take his victim's life back with his death.
I removed therefore any hypocritical veil of a pityful and painless kill (a good executioner and a sharp axe could do the same) covering a sheer violence act which is also a bad example for countries and dictatorships with impressive death punishments records.
I also tried to figure out what his victim, should think thereabout while enjoying, as I like to imagine, God's light and love for any other human being and creature: tearing and sadness for this further premature life toll.
I hope no one would feel offended. I see the fault in the event, not in anyone specifically, but we should try to change and follow United Nations suspension of death penalties, especially to help people in countries where this measure is heavily used ...
It's not about politics, but about conscience, awareness, civilization and human rights.

As for the executioner, dear Anna, I can grant he's not a fake inflated hunk and his muscles are naturally strong and come from excercise ...(mostly on wooden blocks).

06-17-2010, 08:12 PM
Dear Katie, thank You too! I tried to add Your name too hereabove, but I think it was a too long reply and it didn't accept the change ...

06-18-2010, 12:13 PM
Very powerful image .:eek:

06-18-2010, 04:31 PM
Caesar, i was trying to figure out, what this pic was all about.. now ... after your explanation.. understand fully, what you wanted to state with painting it. I am not familliar with this case at all/do not watch tv /,Good to know, that your beeing was shocked by all that happened.
There's not always justice for the little people because of the luck of funds, Dear Caesar, and remember the OJ Simpson trial? I am sure you do, and what happened? Just the opposite.
There could be a long disussion about what is going on around us and in the world... but am afraid this is not the right place to do so. I just hope that more people as you and now I will think about this case and start to care about not just themselves but about his neighbour also... becouse they might found themselves in their places the next time.

Good reminder, dear Caesar....:)

06-18-2010, 08:54 PM
Thank You, dear SCP and Anna!

In the meanwhile, yesterday, in Utah another execution was carried out with a curious vintage ritual. At least a more honest way to perfom this macabre and violent act ...
Striking to consider that there too the grace depends by the victim's outraged family wisdom and view and not by more objective, phylosophycal, rational, elevated values and considerations socially shared. Victim's family decision between death or not, just like in many islamic culture countries quite often not democracies or advanced ones.:(
Anyway I stop here my opinions thereabout ....

06-18-2010, 11:12 PM
It's a weighty issue, Caesar, and many people are strongly divided on the answer....tragically, many people as well simply don't take the time to think about it one way or another.
I think your painting captures the emotion quite powerfully.

06-19-2010, 12:58 AM
Thank You, dear Foxy!

I must say that, painting this, I reminded some striking illustrations by Norman Rockwell, a fantastic artist who generally didn't deal with big issues, but rather with everyday life in a happy and light-hearted way (still with valuable artistic talents and a fresh and intelligent attitude).

Therefore, beyond the emotions I hope I captured also some attention and a rational, logical approach to such an issue, even without statistics, and some psychological components involved, although I realize that I'm neither Voltaire, neither any other of the great men who enlightened our civilization and not even Cesare Beccaria (who specifically wrote on this subject almost two centuries ago; even through the too many centuries when we were not a unique country, we kept working on law science and its spirit as the ancient Romans did).
I'm sure that all of us should keep wondering and try to find what good-willing persons may find to be a universal, shared value elevating our human condition, as it seems to me that You wisely said.
Finally I think that there are many ways we may endanger the absolute value of human dignity, thus our individual rights, most of which are not immediately apparent and such attitudes tend to progress surreptitiously until they show dramatically all of sudden. This iwas quite clear recently for openly declared terrorists, dictatorships and any other barbarian form of arrogance, but such disease haunts and may be reactively resumed or transmitted quite fast to any of us and of our communities, to organizations and countries where You wouldn't expect it to significantly surface ... we saw it ...

06-19-2010, 04:29 AM
just remember Caesar the crowd roared next ???????

06-19-2010, 08:57 AM
You know how I feel Cesare as I have written to you privately. Tragic all the way around. Wonderfully painted and thought out Dear Cesare.

06-19-2010, 09:14 AM
Caesar, it's a difficult and troubling issue, with no 100% surefire answers.
There are arguments - good arguments - made on both sides of the issue.
I myself tend to think that there is a place for the death penalty - not as a deterrent, because I don't believe that works, but simply as a matter of when you have extreme people who have proven they can never, ever, be anything other than a danger to society,
a permanent solution is appropriate. Some argue life imprisonment, but I'm not much on the idea of supporting and feeding child molesters, rapists, and cold blooded murderers for 30 or 40 years.
On the other hand, I totally respect the views of people who take the other side of the issue.
Like I said - it's a difficult, and I believe, a very personal issue.
Either way, you have done a fine job with this painting.

06-20-2010, 12:21 AM
Nicely done Caesar

Untold diverse desires entwine mortal flesh with soul.
Adrift in the moral sea man forges buoyant anchors.
Chosen truths tensions the predator's bows careful aim.
The deafening quiet of spilled blood echoes passing deeds.
Innocence lost we cast lots to call our beast named justice.

06-20-2010, 01:04 AM
Hi Caesar do me a favour write in plain english so I can understand it , bye the time I've got the dictionary out and checked the meaning I've
forgotten what I was going to mention like (what are tax haven's) why isn't secret ballot's held in UN nations when passing resolution's and something that always makes me laugh if the british isles disappeared beneath the sea after the shock and horror things would still carry on the same in otherwords individuals don't realy matter its only the survival of the specie's that counts ask Darwin

06-20-2010, 02:23 AM
Dear Sandra, thank you for answering. You made me think to God's attitude in the bible with reference to Cain after Abel was killed by him ...

Dear Barnburner, I appreciated Your view, the way You kindly expressed it relying on my best intentions and the fact that democracy has opinions and rules for taking positions which have to be observed. Thank You most sincerely.
Nonetheless sensitivities may be refined by education and culture and democratic decisions among some ancient nations and cultures would make us orrified, because many things are supposed to evolve, not only technologies and democratic elections may take terrorists and dictators to power.
In Europe we banned death punishment since long time now and people mostly agreed, because culture and education based on great men of the past forging ideals and rationals were convincing and no substantial cocrete issue came to change our mind.
Anyway I wouldn't propose answer, just questions to mature on. Socrathes used them to make each one ask his reasoning mind and conscience (and Jesus too sometimes) and mature thoughts and some thruth pieces.
1) Is our justice non influenced by political considerations of governors and judges?
2) Is a human being completely independent and free from the environment where he lives (Eighty+ know if from Darwin)?
3) Can justice outcomes be the same independently from the lawyers You can afford with Your money or social position?
4) Is human justice faultless and free from prejudices (Sacco and Vanzetti, two Italian anarchists were executed in US and found innocent much time later for instance)
5) In other countries homosexuality, apostasy, adultery or active opposition to a government legally deserve death. Is it conceivable that in any place people may be executed for quite different reason and no effort for a common ground exist? Could we ever get an agreement on a death sanction in such case (due to its irreversible nature?)
When asking the grace for some poor guy in some exotic country we don't find guilty according to U.N. universal human rights declaration (the same considerably unperfect organisation that asked for a moratory, suspensuion, of death penalty), which country is in a better position and constitutes a good example to obtain consideration?
6) Discussions on this topic implies also a high degree of emotional involvement for both visions thereabout. Now, on which side positive emotions prevail, which side can better control emotions?

Dear EB. Your moving and wonderful poetry is a perfect metaphore of our human condition no more a mere beast, far from an angel. I like though the fact that we try to see buoyant anchors, insofar they're for ourselves fist and honestly sought, not for the purpose of deceiving or forcing anyone.
Thank You very much. Something I'll keep carefully in my mind.

Dear Eighty+, You made me feel as if were Shakespeare ....:D I apologize if I use more than average the part of English derived from Latin (ancient Greek sometimes), but itp's certainly easier to me, not being an English speaking native, not to use too plain English or some of its slangs.
Anyway, with due respect for Darwin and its theory evolutions I agree on, especially in this period of pseudo-scientific new creationist prophets, all that refers to the natural species genetical evolution and not sufficiently to cultural evolution (the new dimension mankind added). Moreover, with a strict application of his rules to society, ou would hardly organize a tribe ...
Thank You for Your compliments about my English (which is still short of my expressivity with Italian:p)

06-20-2010, 03:30 AM
Great work dear Cesare:):) depicting a lot of emotion and thought into this very depressing matter.