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06-07-2010, 09:33 AM
I've watched a "Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22: You can (NOT) advance" recently, and I was striked down by nostalgy. I've watched some key moments of the original anime serial and couldn't stop myself from redrawing a snapshot
Here are the original (small one) and the result
I used the first one as tracing to draw lines with Ink Pen, and they got really awesome

Before, I tried to start drawing in AR itself, but it was no good. I think, from now on I will draw sketches on paper, scan them, trace and Ink.

Hooray for AR3!

06-07-2010, 10:52 AM
Hey! Whatever works. The Drawing is fantastic. I still have trouble with the feel of the pen-tablet, so I use an edge-detector or a sketch plug-in to nail down positions. I may end up buying an I-Pad so that I can do enough doodling to eliminate that problem. :o

06-08-2010, 03:44 AM
Excellent drawing anime, I share the same opinion on AR, as painting is very free wing creating this great program and allows us to do wonders as you do.:):):):)

06-08-2010, 04:02 AM
Very nice manga/anime sketch....

Doc what is this plugin? Does it work only with AR or is it a generic plugin for Windows?


06-08-2010, 06:57 AM
There is an edge-detector plugin down in art supplies. There are sketch mods iin any version of Painter or PostWorkShop.

06-08-2010, 07:15 AM
You mean the ultra-sharpen filter? Not sure what plugin you mean....

06-08-2010, 07:18 AM
xero plugins has one called lineArt