View Full Version : Lets try again and banish some art demons

Chibi J
05-31-2010, 12:30 PM
I used to love drawing when I was little, never happier than when I had a pencil in my hand. So where did that drive to just put it on paper disapear to :confused:. It got me thinking about where all my little art demons come from, most of them are from thoughtless comments from teachers.

So I am laying these demons to rest. My first picture is called If I want my star to have four points it will ruddy well have four points ( story behind this one I had done a nativity picture and put a four pointed star on it, granted my star was wonky I was only 5ish. The good old teacher looked at it and said you don't draw stars like that stars have more points. Given that stars are balls of gas in the cosmos I can draw it however I want)

Second picture Is called NO MISS I DID NOT TRACE IT! (story I had done a picture of Mickey Mouse copied from a fridge magnet, I had copied it but that is one of the learning processes of drawing. Showed it to my art teacher and she goes did you trace it. :p to you miss maybe I should have taken it as a complement if it was that good she had thought I'd traced it :D )

Well anyway these are my modern day versions to say hah to thoses lingering voices that say you can't draw.

You are all welcome to lay your art demons to rest on these pages as well.