View Full Version : ArtRage 3.0.7 Now Available.

05-17-2010, 05:14 PM
We are happy to announce the immediate availability of ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.0.7. The new version can be downloaded either by using the ArtRage New & Updates item in the Help Menu of the product, or by accessing your the member area directly (via http://members.artrage.com) and logging in to your account there then using the My Products page.


Windows users who upgrade from a previous version may need to re-enter their Serial Number the first time they run 3.0.7. Your Serial Number will be displayed on the download page before you can download the new version, please copy it so that it can be easily entered when you launch the new version (if you copy it to your clipboard it should appear automatically in the product when it starts). This is due to a change in the security manifest included in the software.

Member Area Account.

Both systems require that you have a member area account and have registered your ArtRage Serial Number. If you have not yet done this:

1. Go to http://members.artrage.com and use the 'Register' link under the login area to create an account. You will sent an email confirming the account's creation.

2. Log in to your account and go to the My Products page using the link at the top of the page. On that page, select the product to register (ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro in this case) and enter your Serial Number.

3. Once you have registered your Serial Number you can download the latest version using the Download links on the My Products page.

New Items.

New items in 3.0.7 include:


1. ArtRage now remembers the image format you used to export images of various kinds. Wherever the application allows you to select an image format for export, it will now remember the last format used for that operation.

2. You can now drop image files of any type on to the ArtRage application icon to open the application and prompt with standard import options.

3. The units displayed on the second edge of a ruler can now be changed via right click on the ruler.

4. You can now drag a ruler off the stencils panel the same way you can drag standard stencils.

5. Windows file association has been adjusted in the installer to allow you to move around installed files and not have the installer attempt to 'repair' ArtRage when you double click a PTG. Windows users should now be able to shift around shortcuts and rename or remove stencils that were installed with the product.

6. The Windows installer now prompts for a folder name for the start menu shortcut if selected.


1. Resetting the rotation of a reference image correctly resets its preview in the reference panel now.

2. The water glass pod will no longer be visible on starting the app if the tool does not call for it to be visible.

3. The presets panel now updates to display the group a new preset was added to, even if that group was created in the Add Preset panel.

4. Mousing over a reference image now brings up the zoom/pan controls for only that reference image.

5. Shift + Tab cycles backwards through stickers that have transformation focus.

6. Save will no longer overwrite the arrestart.ptg if it was loaded automatically on startup. Saving a recovered painting will always prompt for filename.

7. Fixed a crash related to font lists that could occur on OSX when starting the application.

8. Adjsuted the ArtRage manifest file to fix Side by Side errors encountered on Windows both on installation and in the event log.

9. Fixed a bug that caused problems redoing after undoing the addition of an unfixed sticker. This could lead to redo stack corruption.

10. The default canvas type is now applied to the canvas when you Import an image.

11. Fixed a problem that could cause the Auto tag to appear on the colour picker pod when no tracing image was loaded.

12. The default canvas is no longer made transparent after importing an image.

13. Fixed a crash that could occur in very rare situations where there was a hole in a layer of a specific size that could cause a compression problem.