View Full Version : Contemporary Art Work/Templates/ Small $ Opportunity

05-05-2010, 08:49 PM
Hi everybody, I have an opportunity for some individuals who are interested in making some money by creating beautiful artworks similar to what you all have posted on the forum.

Iíve bought the art rage program and a pen tablet and came to the realization that I lack artistic talent and therefore hope that some of you can assist me.

Iíve attached examples of similar types of artwork that Iím looking for.
The larger the art rage file the better. At least two feet in length with 300 dpi would be ideal.

I understand itís not a whole lot but I would be willing to pay $10-20 per art file thatís created. I can pay whatever method you prefer and even use a 3rd party escrow service if needed.

Please ask if you have any questions and I hope some of you are interested!

My contact info is below

Curtis Clarke
info @ neufangle . com