View Full Version : Color Hatching

04-30-2010, 05:52 PM
I see why it's not done more. It's a pain in the butt. Man do I love this inking tool thingie.

04-30-2010, 11:15 PM
Yeah, the pen and ink tool is simply fantastic-as is your art Gray. Well done!:):):):):)
Also Gray- check out the art brushes-there is the exact tool that you need!:)

05-01-2010, 07:10 AM
Nicely done and an interesting effect! Looks like a technique that requires a lot of patience. Just remember, as Milton said: "All things come to he who waits." :D

05-01-2010, 07:14 AM
Glad it's not just me that finds hatching a pain! I don't seem to mind it as much when I've got a proper pencil in my hand. But for some reason I don't like it so much with a tablet.

05-01-2010, 01:58 PM
Wow Gray, all that work you've been doing has paid off, this is fabulous. :cool::cool: Has great style, like a modern comic or graphic novel piece and I love your colour choices too. :):)