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04-03-2010, 05:53 PM
In the 1620s, the Spanish Friars came to the Salinas Pueblos on the eastern side of the Monzano mountains of New Mexico. They built the greatest Churches of any in the territory. Fifty years later the Spanish settlements and the Pueblos were abandoned by the Spanish and the Native Americans alike. They were driven out by fierce Apache raids during an extended period of drought and famine.

At Abo, there was a coral sandstone church headed by Fray Pedro de Ayala who was brutally killed during a raid in the early 1670s. He was the last. Over the years, the church's roof caved in and the edifice began a long decay. Today it is preserved as a national monument.

To stand inside its remaining walls, shielded from the brutal summer sun and peer out across the desolate landscape gives you an unbelievable sense of awe for the courage of the missionary priests. A mere handful of soldiers and a once every three year pack train from Mexico (A thousand miles away) was their only connection to the country they left behind. They risked and often lost everything to bring the Word to the New World.

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An absolutely facinating and educational read and a truely wonderful painting Al. I adore the way you've handled the ground and the crumbling brick/stone.:):)

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Interesting and beautifully painted Al.:)

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Al, thank you. Amazing and wonderful painting.:eek:

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A fantastic painting which conjures up many thoughts. Thanks for sharing this one with us AL:)

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Great job, Al! Im a fan of Spanish colonial art and architecture, and youve really caught the feel with this one!

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Al - I've stood at this point of view. There is still a spirit in the air. I think your piece adds something new to a very old structure. Your style adds an almost ultra-vision feel. As though you have painted the very heat and cool of the remaining walls.

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I love the early history of the Americas.... and your painting is a fitting tribute to this era....

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One of Your best. It's awfully beautiful!

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Thanks to all that stopped by and commented! You are all too kind! Al

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You're on a roll. Great. :):):):):)