View Full Version : Skiing on the Dolomites (Alps)

04-02-2010, 03:52 AM
Here's a purely imaginary reminder of the end of last leg ski-lift after few days back from my holidays (I still have to dwnload pictures).
Watercolors and few touches of felt pen.

04-02-2010, 04:11 AM
How beautiful Cesare! So happy that you and your family had such a nice holiday.:)

D Akey
04-02-2010, 04:57 AM
Starting to look a little Russian between the snow and stylization. I love it. Nice composition. I also like that the whole picture is consistent with the style you've chosen and each section looks to have received about the same amount of attention, and that gives it a unifying feel. :):):):):)

04-02-2010, 05:21 AM
Lovely place to spent time at and you painted it so well, Caesar, as usually. :)

04-02-2010, 09:30 AM
Thank You, dear Sandra! I also had the opportunity to pass some time with one of my brothers and visit the town of Treviso, architecturally a sort of little Venice crossed by a river looking like a canal and at about 50 km from Venice itsels.
The Dolomites mountains then, are universally renowned for their unique beauty (listed in the UNESCO patrimony) and when I came back by car crossing them, I was enchanted once more by their shapes and colors also under the snow and in a period where grass colour has still to take thos marvellous green tones and collours of the flowers.
A lake coverd by ice going to melt had incredible blue tones where the ice was thinning or disappearing ... No painter can ever do justice to those scenarios, not even the great Segantini.

Thank You for Your wonderful compliments, dear D Akey!
Maybe Italian mountain peoples have something in common with Russians too and You possibly found a reason why our army, led by the alpine soldiers of the Julia division, notwithstanmding their inferior number, unadequate preparation, logistics and equipment and eventual painful conditions, succeeded to break the Russian encirclement and retreat notwithstanding the climate caused casualties during the II world.

Did ever visit these mountains when You lived in Italy, dear Anna? I hope so. Thank You very much!

04-02-2010, 10:53 AM
What a wonderful view you have painted Cesare:):)

04-02-2010, 11:34 AM
There is a stillness that is quite inviting.....

04-02-2010, 02:53 PM
What a wonderful painting Dear Caesar, I would love to go there.

04-02-2010, 08:44 PM
Thank You dear Amanda, Foxy and Valerie!

04-03-2010, 03:49 AM
This is wonderful Caesar! Sometimes the painting from memory captures the true essence and feeling so much better than using a reference. I hope one day to see the source of this inspiration myself! In the meantime, I have this painting to explore. Al

04-03-2010, 03:58 AM
Thank You, dear Al. The pictures are not great ones, but some of them may give an idea of what I merged in my mind (together with shots we never made).

04-03-2010, 05:27 AM
Well done Cesare, it turned out wonderfully and a lovely memory of your holidays:)

04-03-2010, 07:54 PM
Just an impression like tipe, dear Katie, but I like it anyway since it looks fresh to me. Thanks!