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03-03-2010, 09:43 AM
This is largely working out how to use the text tool. I also was doing a bit of testing with the canvas size and watercolour. I think the canvas is a bit on the small size and the paint brush is a bit on the large size.

http://www2.ambientdesign.com/gallery/files/5/2/2/4/love_is_in_the_air_coloured_thumb.jpg (http://www2.ambientdesign.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=10347&c=member&imageuser=5224)

03-03-2010, 05:19 PM
I don't think there is a problem with canvas or brush size. I think maybe what you see is a disconnect between the lettering and the figures. There is a lot of empty space between the figures and the letters. Maybe make the figures larger, perhaps move them up a little from the bottom or maybe something connecting he figures to the letters. Another idea may be to mute some of those horizontal lines between the figures and the lettering. I only offered the suggestions because of your comments about being concerned with brush and canvas size. I am not being critical, just throwing out a couple of ideas to consider.

I like the happy colors. They really tell a love story. I also really like the font you choose. I think it is the perfect lettering for the picture.
Carl :)

03-04-2010, 12:07 AM
Thanks carlcath, you make some very valuable points here. So what you are saying is that it is the composition and the colour effect that could be making me question, not the canvas size or brush. There are so many variables to painting isn't there. I've been blaming the programme when it is the artist. Hahaha! With your fresh eyes, I will see what I can do to get this print sorted. Thanks, you are a star.

03-04-2010, 12:24 AM
I like that Teresa!:)

03-04-2010, 03:28 AM
Teresa this is great.