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02-26-2010, 01:44 AM
An historical famous guest is being admitted soon :confused::rolleyes::) ...

02-26-2010, 02:44 AM
Love the design simple elegance done beautifully with your usual talent and style:):)
I wonder who the guest will be?

Rob in Denver
02-26-2010, 03:01 AM
Very mysterious, the soft shadows are a nice touch! We will wait to see.

02-26-2010, 03:06 AM
What a wonderful painting Caesar,your work is always fabulous and I love it I wonder, who will it be?

02-26-2010, 03:16 AM
A watercolor masterpiece in itself Dear Cesare. Excellent work to be admired. I share the wonder.:)

02-26-2010, 03:27 AM
I wonder who the guest will be. Certainly someone very noble and important, since it's such a well painted and vibrant seat. The visitor must fit the high style and elegance of your work dear Caesar! :)

02-26-2010, 03:47 AM
I'm uncertain whether to paint him or to reveal by means of a not too easy clue ... or just leave everybody wondering and creating his/ her own story.
I think I may let someone figure out a story, then provide a clue or not before directly painting him ... as You wish;)

Thank You very much dear Amanda, Valerie, Sandra, Jessica and Rob!
In this sketch I used oil, airspray, roller and eraser, even it may look watercolour (... oh and the gloop pen on the wall for the stripes ...)

02-26-2010, 03:49 AM
Thats so elegant Cesare, and I too am wondering who??????????:)

02-26-2010, 04:56 AM
OMGOSH Caesar! no fair! LOL Spill it! ::giggles::

Beautifully done painting! You say "admitted soon". Errrr.....admitted to me is like....a doctor's office or something like that. Sooo curiosity is flowing!

02-26-2010, 05:08 AM
Eh, eh, dear Katie, it looks like curiosity is female ....:D Maybe some mate will imagine the story in the meanwhile ...:rolleyes:
Thank You!

Good point, dear FireFytingNut! I woudn't be surprised if this guest likes to play doctor and patient game. ;):p
Thank You!

02-26-2010, 08:28 AM
Elvis? Will it be Elvis? :)
Seriously, I like your painting very much.

02-26-2010, 08:46 AM
Ceasare, i hope you will not shock us with the guests revellation, hope she or he is beautiful, rich and famous and i think will be an italien..lovely painting as always.....

02-26-2010, 12:48 PM
LOL Caesar! :) Well......it wouldn't be too good to be admitted AND be the doctor! What would the other doctors say?!?! :p

D Akey
02-26-2010, 12:53 PM
Looks like the waiting bench before being brought before some Satanic headmaster. . . and I don't want detention. . . no sir.

Nice one Caesar. Amazing lack of story for you though . . . and perhaps therein lies the story. . .

02-26-2010, 09:30 PM
Dear Jibes, thank you very much! Your joking guess was weird enough to make me laugh :D (considering the sofa style is a couple of centuries elder).

Some hints are provided herebelow, dear AT-TA. Have a look. Thanks!

Dear FireFytingNut, You may play also the patient, depending on Your preferences and let the mysterious guest skilfully visit You ...:D

You're right, dear D Akey. It may be appreciated for the lack of story and play of colours and light effects, keeping a sense of wondering absence, as if You were too late to meet who was once there .... or frow Your expectations and unpatiently wait for someone to appear on the scene, either from Your mind or from a visual add on of mine ...
Thank you very much!

First consider my answe to FireFytingNut.
He was very handsome and tall (about 1.90 m) for his age, brilliant, charming, cultured, learned and successful and became very popular in Europe.
He was rich enough for his needs, especially when he wasn't in trouble.
He succeeded to adventurously escape from the Piombi prison.
He was Italian.

02-26-2010, 09:33 PM
Can i sit there !!! Wow Caesar..loved the lighting!

02-26-2010, 09:47 PM
Great painting Caesar, great soft light. Is it Casanova?:)

02-26-2010, 09:58 PM
Very "Retro", Ceasar..

Good job !



02-26-2010, 09:59 PM
What would You like to have as a drink and to eat then, dear Ray? Thank You!

Spot on, dear Kev2grey!:D So I made it too easy with my clues ....;):p

I think he's one of my fellow countrymen (like Cagliostro, for instance) whose quite interesting biography should be read. It's more adventurous than most of the novels You may found around in bookshops.
It's not that strange he's still popular enough to appear in several movies too and be interpreted in many ways (one was from Fellini with Donald Sutherland), in most cases, unfortunately, with reference ti his love affairs who are but a part of his interests, phylosophy and adventures.

Should I depict him there then or would You each do by Yourselves, either mentally or painting direcly on this scenario?;):D