View Full Version : When cheating is ok.

10-31-2006, 03:18 AM
A friend had been asking me to 'paint' a picture of his new house for months and months. I used to use the old Microsoft paint program to paint over a photo and make it look like a painting but it took me hours to do it. He never got around to sending me a picture of his home either so I cheated. I looked up his home on the public property tax assesment web site, saved the picture of his house, and put it up on my ArtRage program. I thought I would try to get very professional and complicated but I cheated again! I discovered that the palet knife tool pushed the photo of the house around as if it were wet paint! In about ten minutes I changed the look of a photo to a painting, emailed it to them and they loved it! I have attached the original and only picture I did like this so far. Will try to do more and make them a better. Thanks ArtRage!

10-31-2006, 04:05 PM
SHWEET....I love it.

For any of you artists and budding artists, what techniques do you like for turning a photo to a painting?

I kind of like using, Choose Color from Trace Image, with the Airbrush. But then I endup with circles of color, that can look like blotches, adding an undesirable texture.