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02-15-2010, 12:33 PM
We are happy to announce the availability of ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro version 3.0.6. These builds are available immediately from our Member Area either by accessing the My Products page and using yor registered Serial Number to download the current version, or from the product directly using the 'ArtRage News and Updates' item in the Help Menu.

To use either system you need to have created a member area account and registered your Serial Number.

Updated: The original upload of 3.0.6 had a small problem that prevented correct operation for French, German, and Dutch users. We have uploaded a new version that will work correctly for all users. If you are using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro in any language other than English and have already downloaded 3.0.6, please download it again. Windows users will need to uninstall the previous installation of 3.0.6 before installing the new one. OS X users can just install the new one over the old one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Creating A Member Area Account:

The Member Area can be found at: http://members.artrage.com

Member Area accounts are not created automatically when you purchase the product, and are different to your forum account. If you try to log in to the Member Area and are told that your email address is not recognised this is probably due to an account not having been created.

You can create a member area account by clicking the 'Click here to register now' link underneath the Login section when you connect to the Member Area. You will then be asked to enter details and an email will be sent to your address to confirm your registration.

Once you have created your account, you can log in.

Registering Your ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro Serial Number:

The My Products page can be found at: http://members.artrage.com/products

If you have not registered your ArtRage Serial Number please log in to the member area and go to the My Products page. At the bottom of that page you will find a section for entering your Serial Number. Make sure that the product selected in the 'Please select the product to register' popup is 'ArtRage Studio/ArtRage Studio Pro', then enter your Serial Number in the space below and click the 'Submit registration' button.

Downloading The Update From the My Products Page:

Once you have registered your Serial Number on the My Products page, it will be listed with a 'Click here to download...' link. Click that link and you will be given the option of downloading the latest installer. For Windows users, select the 'Win32' version. For Macintosh OS X users select the 'OSX' version.

Save the installer to your disk and when the download is complete, double click it to go through the installation process. ArtRage will update itself and all of its resources. Any resources you have added yourself such as stickers, stencils, or other content, will remain unchanged and will be available when you start the application.

Changes In ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro 3.0.6:

Features & Upgrades:
Pod Hiding: Unwanted pods can now be hidden using the Pods menu in the View Menu. Tool, Menu and Colour pods can't be hidden but all others can.
Photoshop Brush Head Import: Using the menu on the Presets Panel when the Sticker Spray is selected you can now import brushes from most Photoshop '.abr' files. When you select the Import Photoshop Brush option you are given the option of selecting an '.abr' file to import from. When you have selected the file you are presented with a list of available brushes. Select brush heads from the list (Shift-click to multiselect blocks, Ctrl/Cmd click to select single additional items, Ctrl/Cmd-A to select all, Ctrl/Cmd-D to deselect all). When you click OK, a preset is generated for each brush head in the current category of sticker spray presets. You can the edit the variants as you need to create the desired effect.
Please note: Some abr files use procedural brush heads that we are currently unable to read.
Non-Paintable Warning: When you attempt to use a tool on a layer that cannot support (eg. knife tool on a text layer) a warning icon appears.
JPEG Export Quality: The export quality used by the app for JPEGs can now be set in the Export settings of the Preferences panel. Future implementations should allow it to be set on each export but this is a reasonable first step.
Right Clicking Pods: Right clicking a pod now triggers the same event as Click and Hold, which allows people who have Click and Hold -> Right Click helpers to use the pods properly.
Photoshop Filter Support: Thanks to assistance from users having problems with specific filter sets, and support from the authors of those filters, we have improved general support for Photoshop Filters and the application should now work with a wider range.Fixes:
Corner roundels now position themselves correctly when they reappear if they are hidden by Clear Canvas when the window resizes.
Removed the 'Register' option from the Help Menu in the Studio Pro demo.
Fixed a bug that could prevent layer stack updates when the transform tool was used to select a layer.
Fixed a bug that caused spaces to appear after accented characters in a text layer after the file had been saved and reloaded.
Prevented the palette knife tool generating a new layer when used on a text layer.
Fixed a bug that caused file extensions to capitalise on OSX during export.
Fixed a bug that caused the Ink Services toggle to always appear ON when accessing the settings panel, even if it was actually turned off.
Fixed a bug that prevented Page Up and Page Down from persisting in keyboard shortcuts.
Fixed a bug that caused Okaying the Preferences Panel to prompt for restart even when nothing had been changed.
Fixed a bug that could cause odd behaviours when double clicking using a stylus double click rocker button on OSX. The previous system could make it look as if the application had locked up due to multiple dialogs attempting to open.
Fixed a bug that could crash ArtRage when duplicating a group that contained text layers.
Fixed the HLS variants of the Hair Brush sticker spray preset.
Fixed a bug that prevented the canvas updating when importing an image while the text tool is selected.
Fixed a crash that could occur on closing the sticker sheet creator with 0 selected for columns and rows.
Removed *.* file type from Save As dialogues. As part of this, fixed a crash that could occur when saving a file as *.* in the Save dialog.
Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Edit Menu when filters that had certain characters in their name (< and > for example) had been added to the list of filters to scan.
Fixed a bug that could cause ArtRage to crash when running certain filters twice.
Fixed an update bug that caused the Presets, Settings and Tool Picker panels to display the wrong settings if the current tool was changed via a shortcut key while in Clear Canvas mode.
Fixed a bug that prevented NikSoftware Viviza Photoshop Plugins working (many thanks to NikSoftware for their fantastic feedback and assistance!). The fixes we applied should also work for a range of other filters.
Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing and redoing the hiding of a group in the layer stack.
Improved support for Wacom Bamboo Touch gesture operations on OS X and are working with Wacom to ensure that their next driver update contains additional information that will improve gesture processing on both platforms.
Fixed a problem that could sometimes cause panels to appear off-screen in OS X 10.4.