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01-26-2010, 03:45 PM
Hi, the other day I experienced some unexpected layer pallet behaviour, where it seemed like a layer group had disappeared. Iím not sure if itís documented anywhere, but Iíve discovered it's possible to put a layer group inside another layer group. Unfortunately though, the sub-layer group looks the same as top level layer group (not indented or anything), and will disappear from view when you close the parent group. :eek:

The way I found my missing group (which I must have inadvertently dragged and dropped), was to open each layer group, scroll down through the layers until I found another layer group heading, before I had come to a close group button. (see the attached screen shot for a very simple example).

Edit: (just for completeness) I've updated the image below to show how to ungroup a layer group by dragging its title up to the top of the layer panel.

Hope this make sense :confused: Ė let me know if not (itís late).

I guess the lesson here is to set layer and group names and keep merging down when possible.

Cheers, Jono

12-22-2011, 04:52 PM
Layer groups is great to have. Maybe the Artrage UI could be enhanced to better account for embedded layer groups? Perhaps a clickable "+" sign could be a different color or have (n) next to it to indicate there are n groups within this parent. In fact, the top level could indicate group numbering.

Is there a suggestions area?