View Full Version : Self portrait... of sorts.

01-11-2010, 10:12 AM
Cartoonized self portrait from a photo of a recent gig. (Our band is called Frankie & the Blue Devils). Don't know what to do with the background so I went with tongues of flames.

01-11-2010, 11:27 AM
This is a wonderful "cartoon-ized" self-portrait! I do like your flames for the background...it's a nice touch! My son played in a band for years as their bass player and I wish he still did because I loved to go hear him and his band mates play. Great job!

01-11-2010, 02:52 PM
Self-portrait? You mean to say, you or someone you know has horns on their head? Wow! :eek::D Nice job!

01-12-2010, 09:42 PM
Thanks! I've decided to make this a work in progress and include the rest of the band mates.

@Eileen: tell your son not to stop! You're never too old to rock (I'm 35)! Music is very therapeutic and besides, those fingers do get rusty with lack of practice!

@Evart: I don't have horns on my head but sometimes I feel like I do!

01-12-2010, 10:35 PM
Thats a great cartoon and looking forward to seeing more as you add to it:)

01-13-2010, 02:53 AM
Great painting Franbelda. I like the colors,and the style. You are right, he should not stop. Where would be all be without the musicians and artists in the world?

01-13-2010, 03:09 AM
Neat job! Looks very cool! :)