View Full Version : ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro 3.0.5 & Discount Offer

12-24-2009, 01:33 PM

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro 3.0.5. This update includes a number of fixes to problems that have been discovered since the product launch on the 15th.

Due to the success of our special discount for direct customers, and recognition of the difficulty some customers have had taking advantage of it due to the time of year we are also happy to announce that we will be extending the offer to January the 14th, 2010.

To Update Your Copy of ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro:

You can download a new installer via the ArtRage Member Area at http://members.artrage.com. Just log in to your account and get a new download link from the My Products page.

If you have not registered a member area account please use the link above to visit the page and do so now. Once you have registered an account you will need to register your ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro serial number. This can be done on the My Products page, or from the Help Menu inside ArtRage.

You can install the new version directly over the old one, none of your custom content will be harmed in the process.

Fixes and Changes:

The following items were fixed:

- Fixed a bug that prevented strokes being completed on mouse up on some Tablet PC devices with older drivers or specific hardware configurations.

- Fixed a crash that could occur when switching off ink-services in the ArtRage preferences panel for some hardware configurations.

- Fixed a problem that could cause a dark blob of paint at the start of each paint stroke for some users with specific tablet configurations.

- Fixed a bug that prevented layers above 0 being selected on G4/G5 Macs.

- Fixed a crash bug that would occur after holding down H or V for some time doing a quick mirror.

- Fixed a bug that prevented pasting data from external applications on OSX 10.6 and in some cases 10.5.

- The ArtRage Window now titles itself based on the painting name.

- Shift + Character shortcuts now work on OSX.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the default shortcuts for Select Next Layer (Ctrl Up) and Select Previous Layer (Ctrl Down) working.

- Fixed a bug in JPEG compression quality settings on Windows that caused JPEG files to be overcompressed on export.

- Fixed a bug that could transparency on base layers to be lost when exporting to PSD.

- Fixed a bug that prevented pressure adjustment through keyboard shortcuts (Up/Down keys) updating the brush size proxy in the tool picker.

- Fixed a bug that caused clicking in the titlebar of the settings panel to deselect the currently selected preset if there was one.

- Added all Snap Art 2 filters to the Photoshop filter exclusion list.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the palette knife storing Drip Spread and Falloff values in its presets.

Note For 2 Monitor Users on OSX:

We are currently investigating a problem that can cause the ArtRage window to become blank when dragged between monitors, or when changing the rotation or colour depth of your monitors. We believe we have solved a problem that could cause this when changing the arrangement of monitors in the System Preferences Displays panel. This tends to happen more on OS X 10.6.

If you ArtRage window goes blank at any point, just click the titlebar and it should come back. We are working to find a solution and we will post another update when we have it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Shortcut Key Changes:

The shortcut keys for changing tool size and current tool pressure values have been shifted to the customisable shortcuts system. The old keys were:

1. Tool Size: Left/Right arrow for -/+1% size, Shift + Left/Right arrow for -/+10% size.

2. Tool Pressure: Up/Down arrow for +/-1% pressure, Shift + Up/Down arrow for +/-10% pressure.

These keys can now be customised in the Tools section of the shortcut panel. Because the old keys have been removed you will either need to reset your shortcuts to default or add those keys in manually using the shortcuts panel from the Edit menu.

Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this announcement, though one was slightly miffed.