View Full Version : How to upgrade from ArtRage Studio to ArtRage Studio Pro.

12-21-2009, 05:05 PM
Owners of ArtRage Studio can receive a discount if they wish to upgrade to ArtRage Studio Pro. This discount can be claimed via the ArtRage Member Area (http://members.artrage.com).

If you have ArtRage 2 want information on how to upgrade to either ArtRage Studio or ArtRage Studio Pro, visit this thread: http://www2.ambientdesign.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24683

What Discount Do I Get?
The ArtRage Studio -> Studio Pro Upgrade provides a $35US discount, bringing the total cost of your ArtRage Studio Pro order to $45. During sales the discount level may vary.

November 2011 Winter Sale: During our winter sale owners of ArtRage Studio can use their discount coupon to upgrade to ArtRage Studio Pro for just $34.90.

How to claim and use your ArtRage Studio Upgrade discount:

1. Make sure you have registered an account on the Member Area (http://members.artrage.com). Forum accounts and Member Area accounts are not the same, registering for one does not register you for the other.

2. Log in to your account at: http://members.artrage.com (http://members.artrage.com).

3. Go to the My Products page using the link at the top.


4. If you have not registered your ArtRage Serial Number, do so now by clicking 'Register New Product' then selecting 'ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro' in the popup and entering your serial in the box provided and clicking 'Register'.


5. When you have registered a serial number you will see it listed on the My Products page with an Upgrade to Studio Pro button. Click this button.

6. A popup will appear that provides link buttons to upgrade to Studio Pro. Click the button and you will be taken to the store page for the upgrade where the item will appear in your cart.

Your discount coupon will already have been applied to the price. Complete the purchase and you will receive a Serial Number and download for the new product.

Older Coupons.

We have changed our upgrade system recently. If you claimed an upgrade discount coupon but have not used it yet, you will receive a note to this effect when you click the Upgrade button. Don't worry, just follow the instructions in the note and contact us with your coupon details and we will provide you with a replacement coupon.

Please note that we can only provide updated coupons for customers who have not already used their older, claimed coupon. The discount values are the same.