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11-30-2009, 01:49 PM
With the upcoming release of ArtRage Studio and ArtRage Studio Pro there will be three different options available in the new ArtRage product line. We are now able to reveal pricing information for the two new products and special discounts for users of ArtRage 2.x who wish to switch to the more advanced feature set.

ArtRage 2.5 will still be available for purchase, will continue to receive support, and will be upgraded in the future. ArtRage Studio and ArtRage Studio Pro are two new products addressing more advanced and professional users, built on a new generation of Ambient Design’s painting technology. Each product provides a set of features for specific users, and a full comparative feature list will be made available soon.

All prices listed below are in US$. Offers and pricing in this announcement are subject to review and changes.

New Product Pricing:

New users will be able to purchase the new products for:

ArtRage Studio: $40.
ArtRage Studio Pro: $80.

‘Switch To Studio’ Offers:

Users of ArtRage 2.x who want to switch to ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro can do so at a discounted price:

ArtRage 2.x to ArtRage Studio: $25.
ArtRage 2.x to ArtRage Studio Pro: $65.

Users of ArtRage Studio will be able to switch to ArtRage Studio Pro for $45.

Special Introductory Offer:

For a 2 week introductory period after launch, users who purchased ArtRage 2 Full Edition directly from us via our Kagi store will receive an additional discount when switching to the new products, bringing the price of upgrades to a ‘differential’ rate of:

ArtRage 2.x to Studio: $15
ArtRage 2.x to Studio Pro: $55.


Only users who have individual unique ArtRage 2 Registration Keys can take advantage of these offers. Versions of ArtRage that were received without a unique key are not eligible (special offers may be available, more details will be made available closer to release if this is the case).

Registration Keys that have been terminated for any reason will not be eligible for a discount.

How To Receive Your 'Switch To Studio' Discount:

We will be providing discount coupons for switching from ArtRage to ArtRage Studio or ArtRage Studio Pro via the ArtRage Member Area (http://members.artrage.com). To receive a discount coupon when the new products launch, register an account in the Member Area (http://members.artrage.com) and register your current ArtRage 2 Registration Key on the My Products (http://members.artrage.com/products) page. Coupons will be available from the My Products (http://members.artrage.com/products) page from the new product launch date.

How Do I Find My Registration Key?

The ArtRage 2 Registration Key is a 20 digit key that contains a combination of numbers and letters. Where you find it depends on how you received your copy of ArtRage.

If you have questions regarding your Registation Key please visit our Support Page (http://www.artrage.com/ar2support.html) to check for answers or request further information.

1. Direct Purchase from Ambient Design.

If you purchased ArtRage 2 Full Edition directly from us via our Kagi store you should have received an email entitled 'Thanks for your purchase'. This email contains your Registration Key. If you cannot find the email you can request a new copy directly from the Kagi store by filling in the Order Tracking Form (https://secure.kagi.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/PQ (https://secure.kagi.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/PQ)).

Note that you do not need to fill in all the information on that form. If you haven't changed your email address since your purchase just enter you email address and select the purchase method you used. Otherwise, enter only the information you are sure of and the system should be able to find your details. If that fails, please use the Support Page (http://www.artrage.com/ar2support.html) for further information.

2. ArtRage Deluxe.

If you purchased ArtRage Deluxe the Registration Key should be in the box (or email if you downloaded directly from Smith Micro). If you cannot find your Key please contact Smith Micro (http://www.smithmicro.com) directly for customer support.

3. ArtRage Wacom Edition.

If you received ArtRage with a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet the Registration Key will either be printed on the ArtRage CD sleeve if it came on CD, or if you downloaded ArtRage from Wacom using a coupon you should have received an email with your Registration Key. If you cannot locate your key please contact Wacom (http://www.wacom.com) customer support for further assistance.