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04-12-2006, 06:08 AM
Hi Folks, just ordered and began playing with this fantastic program yesterday. Only problem I have is I am artistically challenged.

Now, here is why I am posting. I am a published author of a fantasy trilogy, entitled The Book of Legends. I am interested in two things, first of all the promotion of an unknown artist, and secondly the assistance of that unknown artist in aiding me in possible cover design artwork for my upcoming second novel in the trilogy. I was deeply dissappointed in my first cover, and have decided to hopefully find a volunteer to undertake the responsibility of designing a cover for the second and perhaps third novels in the series.

I can not guarantee that the artwork will be selected and accepted by my publisher, as they do have final say on the cover design, but I can guarantee that if it is accepted, full credit will be given to the artist as well as an artist bio and contact information for possible future work included in the novel.

If anyone is interested in attempting to illustrate a cover design, please contact me either here on the forums or directly via e-mail at legends55@hotmail.com

Thank You,


04-12-2006, 08:27 AM
Ledgends- Welcome to the forum. I predict you will enjoy the software very much.

As to your request for volunteers, I can only speak for myself.

With respect, Artists deserve the dignity of making a living. I can't count the times over the years, when I have had the glories of "full credit" offered to me. If that contact info and bio simply get me more *unpaid* work... whoop-dee-doo. Believe me when I say that I would love to paint your cover, and with modesty I believe you would be getting a good work of art. If you look at my website you can find six covers I did in 2000 for a company in Texas. Long story short it was the biggest undertaking I had done in illustration and the biggest dissapointment when I wasn't properly paid. This is not intended as a personal attack, please understand. I am adamant though, that people need to start realizing that artists should be paid, you know, like doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics, plumbers, etc. Please stop asking for free art.

04-12-2006, 09:30 AM
Well, I feel for ya, but as I will not pay anyone, my publisher does offer a full graphics art team to work a cover for me, I did think that perhaps someone out there would be willing to give it a shot. It could prove beneficial to them, or not.

I did not ask for free artwork, I offered a chance at being a published artist, perhaps for you this is not something tangible, but for someone out there that does art as a hobby, and works fulltime to pay the bills, it could be a possible break for them.

I make no promises, as my publisher has the right to refuse any cover design I submit, and they can always select one of their own designs. So I apologize if you feel as though I was asking for you to work for me for free, that was not my intent.

I simply asked if anyone would be interested ina possible chance at having some of their artwork published.