View Full Version : Great source for aquatic animal line art....

04-28-2009, 02:22 AM
I found this site this morning wonder if it's already been shared here? I don't think so.....http://www.nefsc.noaa.gov/lineart/
The images are smallish and jpgs but they're sweet as can be. Here are a few that I converted into pngs if you'd like to have them (there's also an example of a wee little seahorse that I made in ArtRage with one of the stencils):

Liv Lukas
04-28-2009, 06:37 PM
Thank so much for sharing that site! If I ever need some fishy stencils, I am all set.

I will share with you: today I learned that a stencil does not HAVE to be PNG, it can be any common image format, so jpg works just fine.