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04-08-2009, 12:53 PM
Hi everyone!
I have problems when I try to paint interiors. Mainly with walls and ceilings. It always end up looking flat and has too much of a "computer painting" feel. I don't use Artrage for this because I don't want to be too much dependent of this software (but I love it! worry not!). I would like to have a technique that I can use on any software. I draw/paint mainly in a style that is close to backgrounds seen in japanese anime. I don't feel that to be a "different" style from the rest, but it is somewhat what I want to do.

Here's two examples. The first one gives a good idea of what I want to paint. If you look at the wall, the color isn't flat, and it is not an equal gradient. There is some variations, excepting the dirt. I just don't understand when, why and how do this kind of color variation and I feel that it is not just a light thing. The second one is what I don't want to do. If you look at the right wall, it is a flat white with a little bit of gradation. That's what I feel that it is too much "computer painted".

Does someone has an advice to give me?

04-09-2009, 02:40 PM
Hi Choz,

I'm also a fan of the anime style... it's often a good point between super realism and overly cartoony styles.

So: one thing with ArtRage (the full version) is the layers. They're IMMENSELY helpful, for things like stains or darker areas, where I'm not too sure just how dark to go.

So I'll paint a shadow area in black on another layer, and then use the opacity control to 'tone it down' to where it looks appropriate. Some of the blending modes are useful, too... play around, try them out.

Also, the Chalk and Crayon tools are fantastic for blending subtle tonal changes. Use them with very light pressure, and with the 'grain' of the paper turned off.