View Full Version : Cancer fairy

04-08-2009, 10:24 AM
i'm trying to draw this Cancer fairy (as i'm a cancer) and i was wondering how i could do the see through parts of it.
any help would be good
thanks (:

04-08-2009, 11:10 AM
Hi Rasha, lovely drawing.

One method to achieve transparency in AR is to use transparent layers. They can mimic traditional glazing effects quite well. Create a new layer and right click on it to bring up options for setting the degree of opacity, as well as many other blending options. Make as many layers and paint on them as suites your needs and move them to an order that supports achieving the results you want. I do suggest that you read the AR pdf manual reviewing layers and blend modes; it will reduce your learning curve.

Hope this helps.

04-08-2009, 12:05 PM
This is exactly the type of image that I sometimes recommend printing, or having printed, on transparent medium. I see the start of a wonderful series here. Well done RT. :)