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08-03-2006, 02:39 PM
eGreetings All,

I just thought I would let you know that there is an online class available that teaches ArtRage.

I have not taken it yet. So I can't give you a review. But I have taken other classes at LVSOnline.com and I have really enjoyed them.

It is at LVSOnline.com and it costs $25. You will need a web site to upload your home work.

More Info:
ArtRage2 Introduction

See you in class!

Kind Regards,

08-03-2006, 03:26 PM
Its cool if you can afford to pay for it i don't even have a credit card lol, but i find it better to learn be myself,I get more out of the software

08-03-2006, 07:28 PM
It's funny that it's more expensive than the software is.

08-03-2006, 10:00 PM
By reading the tips and tricks part of this site, you'll have a bunch of unvaluable things picked up for free, and coming from first hand experience....+ you make friends here.