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04-02-2006, 04:37 AM
Dear ArtRage Team...

I use for example, 2 layers. the first at the top, with a transparency of
80 % or less, the second : 100 %. When I fusion the 2 layers, the result
does not take into account the transparency of the top one (80%) but considers the two layers at 100 %. So if I wanted to create effects of range I let you imagine the result. They would be lost.

Please try and tell me what can I do...?

I have a little prob sometimes with the Undo fonction. Doesn't work all the time ??
Thx !

PowerMac G5 Bi - 2.5 G°Ram

04-02-2006, 10:09 AM
The layer merging issue is tricky. Unlike other applications that use layers, we have a separation between paper and paint. When it comes to merging layers in ArtRage, in essence you're removing the paper from beneath the upper layer, and dropping the ink onto the layer beneath.

It's likely the layering system will be changed at some point to be more like Photoshop layers, because that's a bit easier to understand, and gives results more in line with what most people would expect.

Regarding the undo problem, if you can drop a note to support@artrage.com with a list of steps most likely to cause the undo bug to show up, we'll look into it.