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  1. Welcome to the Technical Forum!
  2. The file being accesed is invalid ...
  3. Opacity Hoykey?
  4. Help achieving drybrush look.
  5. deleting presets?
  6. Please read before posting
  7. Color picking sets the color slightly brighter than the color picked
  8. sketchnotes : how to move and sticker in workbench
  9. Multitouch gestures with Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid not registering
  10. ArtRage 4 hangs when using stylus
  11. Artrage 3 Oil Brush vs Artrage 4's
  12. Impossibility to change the size of Tools
  13. ArtRage 4.5.1 on linux using wine
  14. Grid settings
  15. Surface Pen Lag/Click recognition problem
  16. Extending ArtRage
  17. Shape drawing tool?
  18. Surface Pro 3 touch gestures
  19. Is this possible in Artrage? and How so?
  20. Offset brush vs dual monitors and pen input.
  21. Fullscreen and pen/eraser problems.
  22. Option to disable TOUCH DRAWING, please (Surface Pro 3)
  23. Program shuts down.
  24. Artrage will not get out of full screen
  25. Please help! Pen won't work on my tablet
  26. Touch rejection is on.....
  27. Magic wand selection going to far?
  28. importing PSD issues
  29. Problem solved [ignore]
  30. upload pictures
  31. lag when painting
  32. A selection enclosing a stencil
  33. How do I make my selection a different color in ArtRage Lite?
  34. Printing ???'s
  35. ArtRage crashed during save - file corrupted
  36. Stylus question
  37. Problem with the KPT Collection added as a filter on Windows 7 using Art Rage 4
  38. Artrage Lite - Panning???
  39. Just re-registered my ArtRage 2.6 on my Surface 3 and I have some issues with it
  40. Wacom button preferences file upload?
  41. Resize a drawing to print it (doubt)
  42. ArtRage cuts Letters of some Fonts
  43. Can't load Photoshop-Plugins in ArtRage 4.5.9
  44. Need Help with 'SETTINGS''
  45. Background white-out..Is there a tool?
  46. [Artrage 4.5.9 - x64bits] I can't find the Shortcuts menu anymore. (Solved)
  47. interface looks blur/low-res on surface pro 4
  48. stylus control center
  49. Tablet pen extreme lag?
  50. Could I use ArtRage for coloring my drawings?
  51. Problem Printing a Painting
  52. Make Custom Colour Picker Stick
  53. Undo with Transformation Tool is bad
  54. Is it normal to have a delay when moving stencils across the screen
  55. How to draw behind a layer and not have the paint combine
  56. Printing size questions
  57. How to create a stencil that will show the whole image?
  58. Bamboo Wacom question
  59. In-Zoom smoothing
  60. Very bad lag can't use the program ARTRAGE 4.5.9
  61. Jpeg size on export
  62. blank canvas instead of textured
  63. Script playback error - dropping undo commands.
  64. How to stop paint from making the above paint darker when painting behind?
  65. Can Artrage create reflections?
  66. Cintiq 24 (non touch) lagging in AR. Is there a fix?
  67. Trouble with pen stylet
  68. ArtRage 4 error -- lost menubar
  69. Multiple pens retaining settings
  70. Proper Configuration of Cintiq Companion 2
  71. HELP !!! Lost my work
  72. Color Profiles for Art Rage
  73. Can I do crazy banners and ribbons on artrage ?
  74. Adjusting height / width ratio
  75. Question on enlarging canvas
  76. Is it Possible to Outline a Stencil Border
  77. Can you change the background color or am I stuck with lime green?
  78. Export to PSD then re-import problem.
  79. Subject of Painting Out of Alignment
  80. am i just being thick?
  81. Mac: ...and still lag when drawing long lines
  82. outside fills
  83. How do I do selective colouring with two layers?
  84. ARU_xxxx.tmp files
  85. MS Surface 3, to use AR Touch or AR 4?
  86. How to 'hide' the tools when live painting for entertainment?
  87. Is ArtRage 4 Portable (can I instal to a flash drive and run it from there)?
  88. Needing Urgent Help With Sticker Spray and Photoshop Brushes
  89. Problem when importing images
  90. Offset cursor when pressure applied on UGEE tablet monitor
  91. Is there a way to get this stencil look from a picture?
  92. Please send help: ladder lines on yiynova tablet on artrage4, working in studiopro
  93. Wacom Draw Pen doesn't work in ArtRage only.
  94. Pinch to zoom on Mac?
  95. can't download artrage touch app on windows 8 phone
  96. Transferring my ArtRage Lite license from one computer to another
  97. AR Script
  98. Art rage auto hiding when stylus not contacting screen
  99. Unable to register Artrage despite multiple tries. Please help.
  100. Reference Images
  101. Artrage 4.5.10 not Importing psd layers-- FIXED.
  102. Straight Line tool Stops working after a while?
  103. Possible to 'fill with eraser/transparency'?
  104. Problems importing 16 bit PSD?
  105. Building a PC - optimum hardware considerations?
  106. Selection + bucket
  107. Meaning of "Adjust Scale for '2-in-1' Tablet Mode"?
  108. Please help
  109. AR gets "stuck" in resize tool mode
  110. Import reference image in AR Lite?
  111. Exporting image problem.
  112. Missing Required Items? Can't open New File?
  113. turn off tool icon?
  114. numeric Color Picker?
  115. Rotating Tracing Image?
  116. opening multiple ptg file in windows 10
  117. Wacom Intuos tablet not tracking in ArtRage Lite
  118. Weird hiccups and "freezing" in AR4
  119. Normal round oil brush shrinks
  120. Cursor Won't Click and Drag (Won't Paint)
  121. Overlaying Stencils
  122. rastor png versus vector png
  123. tracing using a stencil circle - video demo of this?
  124. Low window resolution on Retina display
  125. ArtRage on Multiple Computers
  126. Trying to export images but get "noise" where it should be transparent?
  127. Can someone tell me how to get rid of the tool showing up onscreen?
  128. Getting 'water spot' graphic errors on painting
  129. 2 colors
  130. Is there a tool for drawing dotted/dashed line ?
  131. I can't register new account in member area
  132. Download for an update to ArtRage
  133. Best Pixels / inch, Canvas, & Page length/width settings to not have Artrage crash?
  134. anyone speed increase moving from digital art tablet to digital screen?
  135. modify, repair or remove... no update?
  136. bigger brush
  137. Pixellated Drawing
  138. Tool size % - how to disable this box popup?
  139. depth export?
  140. Wacom 27QHD and ArtRage...
  141. how to deselect pen preset
  142. Wacom pen/tablet problem
  143. Save Dialog - Not able to paste from Clipboard
  144. Suggestion for Artrage/Windows 10 tablet compatible stylus with pressure sensitivity?
  145. No option for stencils mode
  146. Artrage compatibility with Wacom Cintiq alternatives
  147. Enabling More Shortcut Keys
  148. Get a load of this badboy...
  149. Stopping on 'Setting up defaults'
  150. Fixed - Artrage crashes on startup
  151. printing on real canvas
  152. Largest oil brush too small
  153. New and young.
  154. Two unrelated questions...
  155. AR 3 StudioPro crash at launching
  156. Artrage exporting for print service
  157. Problem when using tablet pen
  158. ArtRage Preferences – Advanced Preferences – Choose (Not working?)
  159. Undo Skipping
  160. Very laggy slow performance
  161. How to use Artrage with iPad mini
  162. Pregunta
  163. How to duplicate dry brushwork for leaves in sample
  164. confused about size for for printing
  165. Bump Effect Scale
  166. Canvas background when printing?
  167. Placing a stencil to different exact places?
  168. Roller White Borders
  169. "Press and hold for right-clicking" bug
  170. alternative to right-clicking to get into stencil guide mode - SURFACE BOOK PEN
  171. how do i make eraser super small?
  172. Pencil only moves my canvas
  173. stylus only moves the canvas
  174. Paper texture not showing through
  175. Artifacts, artifacting on the canvas surface, how to get rid of this mystery debris?
  176. Color way off
  177. Artrage 4 how to convert line drawing to pure black and white and lock color in
  178. I can only draw straight lines?
  179. Is it possible to create the tool I have in mind ?
  180. Pen/ stylus not working
  181. Colour changes randomly
  182. Custom Brushes
  183. Stencil / Lock transparency
  184. Cube I7 Pen Lagging
  185. Ruler - change default angle
  186. Color Sampler - Turn off "With Lighting" for scraps and views
  187. Can't scroll up and down canvas when zoomed in
  188. styles tap doesn't work as click with keyboard commands
  189. Changing background color
  190. Rotating trace/tracing layer
  191. Lost Artrage when computer died
  192. Resizing stencil to image size
  193. Record Function - Can I save my script recordings as another file to post elsewhere?
  194. I mess up my settings!!
  195. Artrage 5 photoshop
  196. Artrage 5 Presets & a few other initial questions
  197. Artrage 5: where are Workbench mode bootom edge, right edge etc options??
  198. Bug Reports in 5
  199. Installation of ArtRage 5 failed on Windows 7
  200. scale with perspective?
  201. [Bug 5.0.1] Canvas Positioner doesn't get updated when switching between paintings
  202. Windows global display magnification interferes with Artrage 5
  203. Warp Question
  204. Artrage 5: adjusting sizes for presets, layers, etc.
  205. Custom Brush is Laggy
  206. AR5 - Custom Brush Loading does not seem to work
  207. ArtRage 5 - Is there a way to....
  208. Live pencil tilt
  209. Screen Real Estate AR5
  210. Topaz remask 5
  211. Change the default ArtRage startup page.
  212. Can I save the Guide Lines on the Hard Disk?
  213. Preferences directory
  214. No touch function in Surface Pro 3 any more
  215. Help -Canvas won't stop moving!
  216. Error: Erase a Grid/Guide or Perspective set, from the "Manage Sets ... list",
  217. AR5: crashes with liquify tool and pick color not responding
  218. Canvas Positioner Automatically Docking.
  219. Artrage 5 - does it require an internet connection to install
  220. AR5 Bug
  221. Colour Sampler + Colour Samples Pod (sort of) Problems
  222. How do you resize pods?
  223. Latest release of AR5 fails to open for me
  224. Remove drawing?
  225. Custom Brush - Adding a Preview Image Retrospectively
  226. Rotating the Canvas on the fly?
  227. Custom Brush Loading Bias
  228. Stroke Discontinuity - Custom Brush loading
  229. General Custom Brush - Discontinuity
  230. 3-point perspective AR5
  231. How to update Artrage 5 ?
  232. Problem with Clear Layer keyboard shortcuts?
  233. How to tear off panels without a mouse?
  234. Photoshop Plugins
  235. Perspective horizon line
  236. Custom Brush - Script Inconsistency
  237. Stencils don't work with Symmetry ?
  238. Error trying to install AR5 on 32 bit Vista
  239. Grid Segments
  240. Docking setup gone
  241. Shortcut for Set Stencil Angle…
  242. AR5 manual won't open in Adobe reader
  243. Default setting for layer texture
  244. Performance brush lag AR5
  245. Wacom Art Pen Rotation
  246. Share Custom Ceonent folder between devices?
  247. Make stencil opaque
  248. Help me rescuing my painting .. the canvas turned empty after opening the .ptg
  249. Pine tree - fronds
  250. Really weird multitouch with Cintiq Pro 13 on OS X