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  1. Upgrading Artrage to version 5
  2. Jittery lines in Artrage 5
  3. Artrage 5 : Glow
  4. 2 questions
  5. setting "View" in classic mode needs an "apply" button
  6. Anyone running AR5 on a Wacom Mobilestudio Pro?
  7. Artboxes in AR5?
  8. AR5 Adjust Layer Colors?
  9. 5 Questions regarding Artrage 5 please ...
  10. Add Samples to Collection - How to Recover them?
  11. Transform tool leaves a ghost image
  12. Feedback sprite for stylus taps on layer visibility
  13. Only precise cursor when painting on reference scrap
  14. AR5 maxOS 64 Bit, Multi Core
  15. Buggy stencils
  16. Put different brushes and presets on a single "dab".
  17. Huion 1060Plus Graphic Tablet
  18. Running old drop shadow script causes AR5 to stop working
  19. AR5, Extremely minor bug: "Setup requires 4.08 mb in..."
  20. AR5: Transform tool not working on layer included in group.
  21. Sos....
  22. Under certain conditions layout panel says guides not active when they are
  23. AR 5.0.4 Custom brushes
  24. exported image has pale colors
  25. Tablet not working correctly in ArtRage 5
  26. Custom Brushes and Impasto Effect
  27. ArtRage 5 script playback error
  28. Multiply blend layer mode problem
  29. open existing painting in same zoom level?
  30. Pen problems when using watercolor brush
  31. [Bug?] Eye dropper (Pipette, Color Sampler) got broken from Artrage 4 => Artrage 5
  32. Artrage and Surface Pro Pen Functionality
  33. Replace my canvas with a transparent layer
  34. Canvas Light Control
  35. Custom Content
  36. Wacom can't map buttons
  37. Corner Color Picker always returns to the screen corner when being in classic mode
  38. Pencil Tool artefacts - is this a bug?
  39. Stop Sys Preferences being invoked
  40. ArtRage 5
  41. Multi-touch Not working
  42. 4.5.10 Square-head/Anti-alias help
  43. Art Rage 5 Does Not Install on My Windows 7 Professional Operating System
  44. Is there a way to separate a line art reference from it's background in ArtRage?
  45. Cloning Crash
  46. Still Yearning for Palm Rejection...
  47. Where did the floating Menu Bar undo-redo panel go in Artrage 5?
  48. AR4 Froze?
  49. Duplicate Content
  50. ArtRage5 - import preferences?
  51. Normal behavior, or not?
  52. Is there a way to add fonts to the Text Tool?
  53. Large photoshop files
  54. How do I work with selections?
  55. Saving a file in two different locations?
  56. Saving landscape mode canvas as portrait
  57. Support Question
  58. ps brushes
  59. ArtRage 5 and Memory usage
  60. Explorer style open/save dialogue boxes?
  61. Selection Tool - Feather issue
  62. I cant get update for my artrage lite
  63. Merging Layers Taking Forever
  64. I want a dot,not seeing the current tool I'm using. Need help 😊
  65. Artrage 5 purchase
  66. normal behavior ?
  67. what zoom-level => viewing size = printed size?
  68. Change the thickness of a line drawing after it's been done.
  69. Stiffness Strife
  70. Swedish letters chance position efter saving (,, )
  71. Moving all layers
  72. Help needed: Size of Color Samples Panel locked.
  73. Instacrash using eraser side of cintiq pro pen on paint brush selection tool
  74. Windows encountered a problem with Art rage.
  75. Problem Purchasing ArtRage5
  76. Artrage 5 crash at start
  77. "A function call has been made to an object that is invalid". Halp!
  78. The side buttons on my stylus for the Intuos Draw do not work anymore
  79. pencil lines in Art rage
  80. very new, need help
  81. Surface Pro 4 lag
  82. ArtRAge 5--BRUSH technical issues----Please help
  83. Script playback of pen eraser resize incorrect
  84. ArtRage 3.5.12 Studio - Linux
  85. lighting editor???
  86. lighting editor???
  87. Surface Pro 3 crashes when blending.
  88. PSD extension file
  89. [ solved ] color palette and custom Ui Question
  90. NO FLIP CANVAS ?! Really?
  91. ArtRAge 5 Brush Technical issues ---I Solved it
  92. Color blend confusion
  93. Delay - lag while painting
  94. Outline Cursor Blinks When Moving
  95. wacom tablet usability issue - accidently rotating canvas.
  96. ArtRage5 Demo - latency during the drawing.
  97. " Selection prevents painting " oh oh now what
  98. Art Rage 4 keeps crashing at random points
  99. Paint Tube question
  100. Intuos Pro - tilt not working at all
  101. Colour wheel and tools shifted up the screen
  102. Layers disappear?
  103. ArtRage isn't coded properly? Line wobble
  104. Duplicate Transformed Stencils?
  105. Transform tool redraw problem
  106. Stuck in Transform Tool
  107. Xp pen renders wobbly strokes
  108. Xp pen renders wobbly strokes
  109. Having a Blast With the New Perspective Tool
  110. Default guides color
  111. Script playback import file to layer error
  112. how delete ONE color in samples or toolbox?
  113. Color Picker in classic mode
  114. Custom Designer Brush Lag
  115. Problem with Guide Lines
  116. Can't Save Canvas Preset
  117. Artrage 5 interface layout query
  118. Surface Pro problem selecting toolbox items
  119. Surface Pro crash using Remove Matte and Adjust Colours filters
  120. Query regarding AR5 memory usage (Mac)
  121. I'm confused between ArtRage 5 and ArtRage Pro 3
  122. Art Rage Lite stuck on one tool with no toolbar
  123. Wrong purchase of 5
  124. 1) Forum Webpage error 2) how change subscription?
  125. Bug Report: Custom brush on layer set to replace bump
  126. Simple Question: How do i literally clone a shape I've just drawn
  127. i want to save my file as something other than a ptg
  128. How do I hide the Guide (the buttons in the corner, not the guides themselves) in AR5
  129. Airbrush causing consistent crash
  130. What does this mean?
  131. What pen/stylus do I need?
  132. Removing a layer from a group
  133. 32000 pixel limit?
  134. Advice on new hardware, CPU or GPU?
  135. Pencil line trouble
  136. Adaptation wacom tablet to the size of the page
  137. Perspective Tool: Transfer all lines to layer?
  138. Colour Picker tool doesn't work properly
  139. My work keeps glitching
  140. ArtRage 5 with Touch screen monitor - not all the drawing/painting tools work.
  141. Script playback errant line error
  142. Wacom touch ring doesn't zoom, instead scrolls
  143. Tools preset panel not showing in Top Menu bar during Docking mode & wasted space!
  144. Tiny (I think) feature request around brush sizes
  145. Having trouble Viewing entire Font
  146. Paint thickness preservation when exporting between psd
  147. Multiple Artrage document not opening in one Artrage menu bar
  148. V/H bug
  149. Script playback copy and paste between documents not working
  150. [macOS] Slowly zooming or panning an empty canvas very slow. CPU utilz. 150%
  151. Colour sampling problem
  152. [Critical BUG] permanent eraser!
  153. The ability to 'Hide' a selection
  154. Possible script playback issue with documents
  155. ArtRage 5 interface scaling ETA?
  156. ArtRage Studio 3.5.12 - What's New?
  157. Custom Brush Presets Lag on Surface Pro
  158. Hiding badges
  159. AR v.3.5.12 issues
  160. Photoshop gradient loading error
  161. Windows 10 + old tablet - pressure sensitivity
  162. DDS file handling
  163. Right-Click Canvas Jumps
  164. Wonky Oil Brush Loading Bug in AR5!!
  165. Quits when changing brush smoothing in value box.
  166. Oil Brush Impasto Scaling option?
  167. s3 [dot] amazonaws [dot] com = problems? DEMO versions
  168. Export Image File Fail
  169. SO much lagging while painting, please help. This is a christmasgift :/
  170. Pressure Sensitivity Not Working?
  171. Upload a new font onto Artrage5
  172. bump blend mode - change the default????
  173. ArtRage lite software problem or new Cannon P100 problem?
  174. auto-save or Save Prompt upon quit
  175. Brush desinger test field not work
  176. Wacom keymaping an ArtRage 5.0.5 lite
  177. Is there anyway to change the cursor shape on the custom brush tool
  178. Lost Canvas and Docking Set-up after "recovery"
  179. Wacom Tablet undo and other options don't work
  180. Layers blur after transform
  181. Can't save
  182. Troubles dealing with Brush
  183. Brush Orientation - Brush loading bug
  184. Brush Contact (Stylus pressure) - Brush loading bug
  185. Cycling throught brushes
  186. Windows 10 64 Bit - Can't Install Art Rage Lite
  187. right click problem after feature update Windows 10
  188. Resize app 2017
  189. Colour Selection
  190. Huon 1060 Plus tablet and pressure sensitivity
  191. Surface Pro 4 - Win 10 - ArtRage 5 - Pinch Zoom
  192. Symmetry Bug
  193. Full Size Paper grain not working
  194. The Pen tool
  195. How do I import content
  196. 64 bit Windows version
  197. Jauntify
  198. ArtRage 4.0.1 acting up
  199. Artrage 5.0.05 crashes on opening after current windows 10 update
  200. How to center a layer ?
  201. Linex compatability.
  202. Bug Report: AR 5 Crashing when pasting into a Group that's not visible
  203. Computer just keeps hanging. A fresh pair of eyes please
  204. A terrible mistake...
  205. Brush rotating when canvas is rotated
  206. Windows 10 with ArtRage 5 at Wacom Cintiq/Companion no ZOOM with touch but ArtRage 4x
  207. Pencil sizes less than 1%
  208. High CPU usage after hibernate/resume with Windows 10
  209. Tablet will only draw lines
  210. exporting 16 bit height/depth , layers height based blending like cavity masking ?
  211. Can no longer draw while canvas is flipped horizontally or vertically
  212. I've got 2 questions
  213. Artrage 5 Stylus tilt detection
  214. Ruler issue
  215. Custom Brush and Paint Symmetry??
  216. where can I find...
  217. Transformation and Impace on Resolution
  218. iPad Pro + Duet Display (pro) + ArtRage, does it work?
  219. 32 Bit vs 64 bit.-
  220. OS X Yosemite -- Why Are Some Finder Icons Black Squares?
  221. High Sierra Crash
  222. [BUG] The pencil tilt settings are not working as expected (tested on Surface Book 2)
  223. Unknown symbol in layer panel
  224. Genius Stylus No Pressure after Re-installing AR 5?
  225. Gradients not saving!!!
  226. Shaped Oil Brush Brush Contact - Request for the next Oil Brush engine of the future
  227. What are maximum internal resolutions - Head and Grain for Custom brush
  228. Jagged, aliased, pixelated lines, when using water color and low pressure - RELOADED
  229. Filters?
  230. ArtRage 5 on Linux Debian or Ubuntu
  231. Art Rage annoyance
  232. Color Samples sort by Blue, Red, Green values explained?
  233. How many desktop computer can i used on after i purchased?
  234. Why can't I see the ar's file thumbnail even with ar5's file browser?
  235. ArtRage 4 Crash When Holding CTRL
  236. Brush editor glitch
  237. do i miss something?
  238. Separate exe/app to create videos using ArtRage painting...
  239. Query re: jpeg export and visible banding
  240. Multitouch not working with pen pressure
  241. Color sampler problem
  242. Why I can't see the cursor; offer to upload sample file.
  243. Noticed an issue when undoing and redoing layer movement - Artrage 5
  244. How to instal Filter Forge 7.0 in ArtRage 5?
  245. will better graphics card affect artrage performance?
  246. Remove the canvas?
  247. Crazy Big File Size
  248. Panel Sharpness
  249. perspective
  250. Tilt sensing is completely borked