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  1. painting stlyes
  2. Hi All,
  3. Under painting
  4. Anybody heard from Gary Hopkins? (aka gxhpainter)
  5. Artrage 5 and Painter 19-some random thoughts
  6. Can I get a refund?
  7. painting flowers
  8. struggle with painting
  9. What is the best tablet to get the most out of the ArtRage App.?
  10. Is there a recommended tablet for PC?
  11. 19th August 2018, Sorry to spam you again, earthquake warning for Italy, New Zealand
  12. How well does Artrage work on an Acer Switch 3 or 5?
  13. Painting within lines question
  14. New Social Media Platform
  15. Cloud Photos for Inspiration
  16. Panel color options
  17. v5
  18. How was artrage made?
  19. Digital Art
  20. Hello
  21. Script Playback whole image
  22. How would you compare ArtRage to Kritta or MyPaint?
  23. Full Version User Manual
  24. Canvas size and printing advice needed please.
  25. Trouble Downloading Files
  26. Crystal ball
  27. Suggestion for the next upgrade - Canvas importing without tiling
  28. Lazy nezumi with artrage
  29. California fires
  30. Joycon for Artrage
  31. Advice Needed on Digital Art Pen
  32. Hello and inquiry about challenges
  33. wa hapnd to the art supplies?
  34. Print Making with 3-Dimensional Surfaces
  35. Happy 2019 one and all
  36. Using Photography Apps for Colour Correction
  37. Scripts ?
  38. Can u paint in Artrage with this technique?
  39. Where did your blog go, Henry Stahle?
  40. Christmas Gift
  41. Why does the program only give you one brush?
  42. Bussines help.
  43. When can we expect an upgrade to Artrage for the iPad?
  44. New to Artrage
  45. Upgrading from 4 to 5
  46. coupon doesn't work
  47. You do not have permissioen to access this page
  48. How do you like the way I designed web pages on my site for Art Rage creations?
  49. Laptop Luddite needs help and advice please.
  50. character profile design from front picture
  51. Software.Tools.Merge
  52. Dave Rage has moved on to other things. He will be missed!
  53. ArtRage 6
  54. No Artrage 6 demo
  55. New Advanced action script tutorials.
  56. Question AR5 custom brush grain
  57. Guess the artist
  58. How to read or parse ptg files to access layer color info?
  59. Finding what layer an object is on?
  60. Understanding print safe color palettes
  61. Ar 5 & AR 6
  62. the transform tool
  63. My art
  64. Need to be able to Print VERY large.. Is this possible?
  65. Art Rage 6 Installed Flawlessly on Fedora Design Suite 30 with WINE application
  66. quick grid question
  67. Finally bought the upgrade
  68. Flipping the Screen
  69. Help with a Moorcroft potery
  70. Watercolor Textures
  71. Batch converting ptg files
  72. User Interface requests
  73. AR6 likes to give me the boot
  74. Artrage vs Corel Painter?
  75. Spray variation problems (for color)
  76. Custom Brush as Eraser
  77. Copy Visible layers
  78. Custom Brush Folder