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  1. Humphrey
  2. Christmas Card For All of You
  3. Improv Monitor Hood
  4. A milestone
  5. New discovery work by Vincent van Gogh after Frans Hals (Thread moved here)
  6. Shirley
  7. Member Area error
  8. May this be a Happy one
  9. And I thought I knew how to ride a bike. . .
  10. Art Rage South Africa!
  11. Being Different is Being Normal
  12. Bushfires in South Australia.
  13. NOTICE (Happy End). New online printing features costs are awful!
  14. AR 4.5.3 Unable to Install
  15. Too much time
  16. I just posted a link to a hair tutorial on YouTube in Tips n' Tricks - repeated here.
  17. Living high
  18. Comic Book Artist Video
  19. After a while................
  20. ArtOrder Challenge
  21. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  22. Dear ArtRage team
  23. weird..
  24. Filter question
  25. toothbrush
  26. Older Postings
  27. Thread Deletion?
  28. Congrats to gxhpainter, on the artist feature!
  29. Hi there.
  30. Any conferences/conventions in New Zealand or Australia for digital artists?
  31. the real 50 shades of grey
  32. Where is our Steve
  33. Hi hacker
  34. Looking for a coupon
  35. xfrog trees and plants free(end of the month)
  36. forum use with Win8.1 virtual keyboard
  37. Blurring chalk
  38. Checking In: Forum feedback thread
  39. Fan art and monetization
  40. An Exceptional Artist
  41. Another inspiring story.
  42. My new book on Amazon
  43. Meet the painter Fernando Vicente (Watch, strong images)
  44. ArtOrder Colour and Texture Art Challenge - Who do You like the most (three)
  45. i just read about Albert Root R I P
  46. ArtRage used in a new 3d animation Movie
  47. ArtRage on an All-in-One.
  48. Albert Root: Commemorative Feature
  49. Forum language
  50. My new course for ArtRage 4.5 has been announced at Digital Tutors! Yipee!
  51. Off topic - WonderCon 2015 Anaheim California - Drop by and say hello!
  52. A Blind Artist.
  53. Art Contest - Great Prizes -
  54. just wondering....
  55. Moby Stick
  56. I thought it worth sharing
  57. Reference Photos
  58. Posts 19,999 Dear Mr Akey
  59. OT: AutoDesk did a nice interview with me for their blog
  60. Colouring for adults
  61. Gotta love it....or hate it
  62. I hope you'll miss me.
  63. A Shared Experience
  64. Yeah! My ArtRage course has 1K viewers so far!
  65. Is it serious doctor?
  66. First drawing that I'm happy with
  67. Spray Brush
  68. Travel photos
  69. Complete Newbie to Art and Artrage
  70. Traditional Media in the Digital Era
  71. It came from the forums: The 'find all the useful posts' project
  72. I'm Learning to Draw... Greetings from Pasig City, Philippines!
  73. Speaking of name artists. . .
  74. Trouble in Rome
  75. Epave
  76. I need help with this Mothers Day gift!
  77. Windows 8.1 or Android???
  78. Where can I download some new colors? Especially fleshtones.
  79. Uh Oh. I wish I had a refresh button. I got problems.
  80. What wonderful people in this forum.
  81. New software; Rebelle
  82. Hola !
  83. Rip albert
  84. Anyone else using the Genius EasyPen i405X with ArtRage?
  85. The Samsung has landed!!
  86. Win 10
  87. Beware of this software!
  88. Service with a Smile!
  89. A project I've been considerng ideas and opinions...
  90. I need help narrating a sketch which i create.
  91. Finishing an inkjet print
  92. Quick question about 4.5
  93. Ink Owl
  94. This is to the AR team
  95. I just thought it was neat.
  96. What stylus?
  97. tilt function
  98. Wacom Intuos Touch Pad STAND
  99. Word Game Design - Verbaton
  100. Plug for my latest ArtRage course at DigitalTutors.com
  101. Acryilic painting, the real thing
  102. 8 Tips for drawing dragons
  103. Wine, Cheese, and ArtRage course in Los Angeles - Thoughts?
  104. need help! did not receive email
  105. 64 bit for ArtRage 2.6?
  106. Exellent paiting
  107. Painter 2016 - anyone..? ArtRage 5..? Anyone?
  108. Game Design?
  109. A little spammy. But, I do have ArtRage courses up at DigitalTutors.com
  110. Art tool question
  111. Don't do what I have done. A word of caution when upgrading . . .
  112. I Was Able to Work With Art Rage 4 on A Linux AV (Audio Visual) Operating System
  113. older version of Artrage.
  114. Jasper
  115. Creative Tips for Video Game
  116. Why are we still Painting?
  117. just to know.....
  118. WC and PS WC brushes
  119. cartoon border
  120. Old yes, senile? no
  121. God Bless the Queen! <I think that's correct to say?>
  122. Calling for feedback on my new website... Pretty please?
  123. Apple Pencil
  124. an ugly dog
  125. Graham Fisher
  126. Vermeer...
  127. Meet Maxi and Millie
  128. Let everyone know! .
  129. Surface Pro 4 announced
  130. what brush for this?
  131. made it back
  132. what happens with?????
  133. how to tell the difference from chinese art and oil painting
  134. Has anyone heard from Aged P?
  135. Rbm??
  136. ArtRage desktop version using Astropad App (iPad)
  137. Ask the Ambient Design Team Stuff!
  138. Hi! Anybody know the hotkeys to rotate the palette knife?
  139. Twitch's new Creative channel lets you live-stream your artistic process (or watch ot
  140. Total Newbie Here, Hello
  141. Artrage lite and Artrage 4
  142. Because I thought it was neat
  143. Hidden poop joke in one of Queen Elizabeth II's art collection
  144. Check this out!
  145. My thought go out.......
  146. Zealous: matching creative talent with opportunities
  147. profile pic
  148. Early start to bushfire season
  149. Wow, Congratulations to SomeoneSane for his ArtRage course on Lynda.com
  150. An Advent Calendar
  151. Question about canvas print
  152. Animated art
  153. Cat Behind my Layers???
  154. Surface Pro 4 pen sensitivity
  155. Upgrade to ArtRage 4?
  156. where painting files are kept
  157. How do you set up a palette?
  158. A Christmas Card from Me!
  159. Merry Christmas!
  160. Does Artrage work with Huion tablet?
  161. Need help!
  162. A Couple of Abstract Art Quizzes
  163. Happy 2016!!!
  164. Signitures???
  165. Hello all
  166. ArtRage for animation?
  167. Newby. Where do I start?
  168. I need your help...
  169. My favorite little rat
  170. Pictures of the 30 most visited cultural places in Italy
  171. Heyy People!
  172. Any website or forum for art collectors?
  173. Full blown ArtRage courses for beginners
  174. For those who consider to buy an iPad Pro, Surface Pro or Cintique Companion
  175. Photographer Trying to USe ArtRage
  176. art suplies for christmas
  177. Trouble getting started
  178. New gal with general questions on pencil/pen settings
  179. Geometric objects
  180. Layer Problems plus missing head !
  181. I thought this was cool
  182. Slowing down YouTube video tutorials
  183. Uploading images to gallery
  184. introduction to abstract expressionism using ArtRage tutorial?
  185. Blending Colours
  186. You're so missed, Mairzie Dotes! Bon voyage, dear one. . . .
  187. My tablet is not responding!
  188. Help with compatibility - am buying a new grap tablet
  189. Interesting comparison...
  190. Latest news
  191. New to Artrage
  192. Full fledged Artrage 4 on IPad Pro?
  193. mixing color
  194. Hi, sorry to ask, but where can I find the downloadable presets?
  195. An Opinion Comparing Windows XP to 7.
  196. Copyright Question
  197. About diffrences between Licenses for natural person and the company
  198. Newbie How to color within the lines
  199. Looking for a great printer to print art on canvas paper
  200. Does the Artrage program come with the purchase of a WACOM graphics tablet?
  201. The Thoughtful Olive tree
  202. Art related goals for the year?
  203. ArtRage 5, coming soon?
  204. list of colors
  205. Want to print 13x19 and other sizes what size canvas?
  206. Distort with blood
  207. Saving Painting
  208. Getting started in AR
  209. Artist Purpose Statement?
  210. ArtRage Discontinued
  211. May B a dumb ?
  212. Is there Redundancy between ArtRage and Clip Studio Paint?
  213. how do I
  214. Real Color Blending
  215. Giving yall a bird
  216. My Art
  217. Typography in artrage?
  218. one step at a time
  219. Rare Tycho footage in the wild!
  220. Ptg/ jpeg ?
  221. An overview of reviews of pen on screen drawing devices
  222. Is It Possible To...
  223. convert tracing
  224. Help with format
  225. How to imitate this technikque in Artrage
  226. old version
  227. believe it or not
  228. ArtRage Studio Pro
  229. Best computer configuration for Artrage on PC
  230. Is it possible to export inpasto depth from Artrage?
  231. just want to say.....
  232. cursor
  233. Game of Thrones in Italy. Have a look
  234. Hey Guys Long time no see
  235. Using bluetooth express keys with a Surface Pro 4 and ArtRage
  236. should like to know
  237. Branching out a bit
  238. Why is art especially important nowadays? Opinions please.
  239. I Finally Agree, Art Rage Is A Better Choice Than Corel Painter
  240. Summer sale
  241. Another batch
  242. Will atrage work on K4 Monitor?
  243. Back Ground ??
  244. layers panel
  245. Can someone please help??
  246. I'm back
  247. Streaming with ArtRage
  248. ArtRage 4 and ArtRage Lite
  249. Stencils ????
  250. shading and blending