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  1. Android FAQs
  2. brush strokes and layers
  3. Stylus compatibility question
  4. script on android
  5. Display lag problems
  6. switching paintings between android and pc version?
  7. Unstable bottom painting on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  8. Setting canvas up in android app
  9. Resetting phone stopped my paid Artrage app
  10. trouble with saving presets and any changes to brushes
  11. Which Samsung Galaxy tablet should I buy?
  12. Just text or nothin'
  13. An ArtRage Mobile Review/Inquiry for the developers
  14. buy new?
  15. Sudden dead?
  16. Drawing a straight line
  17. Error playing script
  18. how do you lock layer alpha?
  19. Imported trace image is degraded
  20. Undo glitch
  21. Share ptg files between devices
  22. HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Premium 10
  23. Using camera permission in AR for Android
  24. deleting files
  25. brush flipping up-down
  26. Android App: object selection or areas to create layers
  27. smudge and blend tools
  28. ArtRage crashes when selecting watercolor paper preset.
  29. Any plans to add support for higher resolution paintings on android?
  30. Samsung Chromebook Plus - digitizer problems
  31. Stippling brush
  32. Paintings not recording
  33. Stretching on Samsung Tablet
  34. Tracing Import
  35. Android app - can I create new or import canvasses?
  36. Color mixing
  37. Lock Transparency for Android
  38. Naughty Reference behaviour
  39. Canvas Lighting
  40. Changes color while drawing!
  41. Export image as a .ptg?
  42. I will invest some money in it, of course!
  43. Export alpha channel doesn't work?
  44. Merging layers.
  45. Saving New Presets.
  46. Clear canvas hotkey?
  47. S-pen inaccuracy (Samsung note 8)
  48. Modes
  49. Is this the area for questions about the Kindle Fire HDX AR app?
  50. Record in wrong orientation
  51. Transforming layers
  52. Where has the 2048x2048 canvas size option gone?
  53. PC to android phone
  54. No selection tool, disappointed
  55. Color sampler area size
  56. Cleaning your oil brush
  57. Watercolor brush is too small
  58. Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960U S-Pen Inaccurate
  59. Airbrush: No Hardness
  60. Dash marks
  61. Feedback
  62. Is Android app the same as iPad app?
  63. Script Exporting Issues
  64. Tracing and Reference Image Orientation
  65. Clipping a layer
  66. paintings don't show up in windows explorer
  67. New features coming?
  68. Help a newbie please. My colours don't work.
  69. My pen doesn't work all the time
  70. @Dev: Please add pressure simulation' ....
  71. Adjust Layer Color settings
  72. resources
  73. Is Android app the same as the iOS app?
  74. difference between Unix and Linux ?
  75. Artist on Android
  76. Now that Samsumg Galaxy Tab S7 has 8GB Ram and 256GB storage....
  77. Text tool?
  78. ArtRage Vitae Mobile Available on App Stores NOW!
  79. Which version of Artrage do I have?
  80. Artrage Vitae, maximum canvas size?
  81. Vitae clone tool?
  82. ArtRage Vitae Mobile on Samsung S6 Lite Brush Size Bugs
  83. ArtRage Vitae Mobile on Samsung S6 Lite Transform All Layers working?
  84. Artrage Vitae mobile bugs on a Samsung Note 8
  85. ArtRage Vitae Clone Tool in landscape issue
  86. Clipping Mask
  87. Question re: ArtRage Vitae performance on Android ...
  88. ArtRage Vitae - Docking interface mode
  89. Kindle Fire HD - Stylus and Pressure
  90. Pen size over 100%?
  91. Color sampler inaccurate
  92. What are the Vitae version differences? does it now support blending and color pal.
  93. Galaxy S7 FE or Apple Ipad 9
  94. Some simple fixes for Vitae
  95. Clean brush in ArtRage Vitae Mobile?
  96. Select SD card as default save location
  97. Bug Report ArtRage Vitae Mobile Canvas Orientation
  98. Note 10 Plus Pen Issue
  99. Click and hold option for color picker
  100. Knife tool
  101. Customising tool bar
  102. Importing paintings in Artrage Vitae mobile for Android
  103. Sticky color Picker
  104. One of my projects vanished
  105. SAMSung Tab s8 ultra color absorption will freeze. artrage vitae
  106. Canvas Sideways Bug
  107. FR: Stencils or selection for Vitae mobile please
  108. Bad stick photo on canvas
  109. Is Newest version 1.1.5 ??
  110. Importing images to layer doesn't work
  111. Eraser
  112. Lack of response
  113. Import brushes presets?
  114. What's this thing supposed to do?