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  1. Welcome to the Suggestions forum!
  2. An integrated color wheel ?
  3. Drawing constraints
  4. ink pen aspect with canvas rotation
  5. Some more Wish-For in ArtRge 5
  6. We need Drop Shadow control for text!
  7. Marker suggestion
  8. References Status / Feature suggestion
  9. Partial pickup mode for EyeDropper tool
  10. Incremental backup.
  11. I need markers/anchors when setting up perspectives
  12. Art Rage for Android perfect!
  13. Color Samples Panel. Suggestion
  14. Couple wishlist features
  15. Really need a way to rotate selections in addition to aspect ratio and position
  16. Thoughts about the Eraser tool and why I love it: a suggestion
  17. Screen Rotation
  18. zooming canvas around cursor and better layer managing
  19. Viewing window for canvas creation
  20. Color Management for Reference Images
  21. smoothing, higher precision, of brush direction for tight circles
  22. Sneak Peek / What ArtRage Team is Currently working on
  23. Two requests for Android (unless I'm missing something)
  24. Solo a layer
  25. Small suggestion about the watercolor cursor
  26. Some suggestions for next releases
  27. Swatch selector
  28. Script?
  29. Left handed users
  30. Some inspirations from Fresh Paint for Win8.1/10.
  31. Script playback line number display.
  32. Missing basic tools for ArtRage Touch
  33. Display angle of constrained line (suggestion)
  34. Employ OpenCL to improve performance
  35. Touch vs Stylus separation
  36. A few suggestions
  37. New Layer Mode - semi-translucent paint - opacity based on paint thickness
  38. Wanna set thinners&pressure option of brush tool to tablet pressure velocity
  39. Straight lines
  40. Artrage animation?
  41. Two Escential Feature Requests
  42. Grid for iPad?
  43. Multitouch capabilities in ArtRage4
  44. Space bar needs attention... and other complaints
  45. iPad pro & Apple pencil
  46. Autosave
  47. How about gradients on a stroke
  48. Open tool and layers windows prevent painting
  49. UI & Feature
  50. Lock Layers in a Group
  51. Scripting for iPhone
  52. Shortcut to re-export to same file.
  53. Drag n drop tools and colors directly to workbench
  54. Add transform to Toolbox
  55. choice of what to undo
  56. Wishlist feature - vanishing point grid
  57. Another Few Suggestions Topic
  58. Will you support the azimuth and tilt of the Apple pencil?
  59. Wishlist feature: oil pastel and watercolor interaction simulation.
  60. Transform last stroke
  61. Square eraser
  62. Semi-straight lines
  63. Tapered Eraser
  64. Select and Transform Tool
  65. Text Tool
  66. There is a lot to improve
  67. Seamless paint in real time
  68. Missing an efficient blending feature for Oil brush.
  69. Navigation on Canvas (iMac) unsatisfactory
  70. IPad pro canvas grain?
  71. Galleries going away?
  72. ArtRage course?
  73. Toggle for Canvas Lighting Gradient
  74. export with TRANSPARENCY
  75. Artrage Oil Blending Problem - Colors are Changing
  76. Selection without alpha
  77. Photoshop layers and selections in Artrage
  78. Pan and zoom inside reference image
  79. Stroke size preview
  80. Is it absolutely necessary to use a stylus?
  81. Feature Request: Cage Warp/N-point Deformation Tool
  82. Variable Unloading Rate for Oils
  83. about color-picker tool
  84. Unloaded oil brush as blending tool?
  85. Color Picker
  86. Pressure control curve
  87. Maintain brush tilt
  88. Symmetry with Stencils
  89. Put the selected color at the top...
  90. Choose background color of the Gallery
  91. Some things I have noticed, would like
  92. I love the software and I have a few suggestions and bugs
  93. Alt Key Dropper icon under 50% brush size.
  94. Cursor
  95. Snap to Symmetry (like snap to grid)
  96. Feature Requests/Suggestions for Artrage 5
  97. File Management needs more work
  98. Mac Color Picker
  99. One and Two point perspectives in AR 5...
  100. I just had a totally crazy idea ;-)
  101. "Palette" Mode - for Reference Scrap and Views
  102. Color Sample import image file
  103. cursor suggestion
  104. Golden Ratio and Thirds Grids for AR5
  105. Painting Gap - Switch ON and OFF
  106. choose panel color
  107. Duplicate Stencils or set to specific size?
  108. Multi languages pls
  109. Add Flip Canvas to Canvas Positioner
  110. Always-on script recorder
  111. Oil Paint already on Layer - Wetness - Dryness control
  112. Selections and Deformations
  113. 5.0.2 bugs I found
  114. Feature Update for iPad? iPhone?
  115. Better color slider, filter... and others
  116. Docking Panels in Classic Mode
  117. Tablet mode please
  118. PTG template format?
  119. Tool-tips and Keyboard Shortcuts
  120. Selected Color and Hue Selector to top of color dialog window?
  121. Color Picker Luminance/Saturation displayed in the docked position?
  122. Update Layout/Gride Squares Across/Down settings to 2 x 2...
  123. Undo/Redo on the canvas positioner - programmable control puck
  124. Eraser option for Brushes
  125. Color Picker (Alt Key) needs a dedicated icon.
  126. question and possible request about custom brush
  127. Select visible
  128. Bob Ross "Liquid White" and Mountain Snow Effect with Painting Knife
  129. Gallery View
  130. Tool Size slider in Tool Settings?
  131. No "Open painting" from document panel?
  132. Suggestion: Backup the .ptg file before overwriting it
  133. "view" => "Classic Mode Panels" needs apply button
  134. Custom Brush Eraser
  135. Transparent brush/ink pen
  136. Paint Symmetry...
  137. Circular area for Sampler
  138. Hotkey - Value only peek mode
  139. sliders
  140. Watercolor painting
  141. Flip View scrap
  142. Three finger draws line
  143. Please Add OpenGL Support
  144. Stiffness option for oil brush setting
  145. Roller White Borders
  146. Android version on a Chromebook - stylus issue?
  147. Panning Tool
  148. Move the Brush Size percent to the right of the rest?
  149. Add view panels off/on when pressing the tab key
  150. AR5 Perspective Box Possible?
  151. Steady Stroke
  152. Feature suggestion
  153. Load Saved Perspective Grids
  154. Delet Stencil button in Active Stencil
  155. The "H" button
  156. Undo/Redo by Tapping Instead of Swiping Gestures
  157. Art mannequin in Artrage
  158. Requests
  159. Simple Color Checker
  160. Lock rotation hotkey/toggle
  161. layer NAME visible when closed
  162. Clipping Masks is a must for me.
  163. Touch Bar Support Perhaps?
  164. Customised default canvas size and texture & metric units when creating a new canvas
  165. Real color blending
  166. Fully functional color samples
  167. Clean brush with glass of water
  168. Slider/manual entry adjustments with arrows
  169. Hex code color picker
  170. Autosave or Save Prompt when quitting
  171. AUTOSAVE or SAVE PROMPT when quitting
  172. Feature request: Brush Size Slider (pinnable to dock)
  173. Custom Brush
  174. Brush size (icon) on canvas
  175. Color picking: idea to speed up process
  176. Clipping Masks and Layer Masking, please
  177. eduardobedoya ArtRage5 wishlist
  178. Paint Symmetry
  179. Asterisk in file name to Save File?
  180. Resize Painting/Crop Expand Canvas menu and window text change
  181. iPad: Eyedropper that works on other apps when multi-tasking
  182. Added Custom Brush Functionality
  183. Logitech Craft
  184. Feature Requests: Cursor Finder, Zoom to fit
  185. Suggestion on Guides when using keyboard
  186. instadry time options
  187. Duplicate Stencil(Exactly) and Align/Center Stencil, Please.
  188. Please add more aggresive line smoothing
  189. A second canvas for mixing oil paint
  190. Configurable Tools
  191. Easier way to make subtle color shifts
  192. Need GPU support
  193. Some things I would quite like to see in a future ArtRage...
  194. InApp Purchase for Advanced Features
  195. Move app to SD card)
  196. Splashes and drips
  197. Watching our painting on a flipping book
  198. Remember/Reset Current Brush Setting & the Importance of Custom Hotkeys
  199. New Brushes..... Hopefully.
  200. Larger brush sizes
  201. Is there a way to crop an Art Rage painting in process within the program?
  202. Artrage 6 GUI minor suggestion; Artrage issue with screen upscaling
  203. An Ideal Art Rage to come
  204. Alphanumeric Listing of Groups/Collections in AR6
  205. Transform tool suggestion
  206. Brush designer eraser mode toggle
  207. Reference Layer
  208. Transform anchor points
  209. Brushes
  210. layers and a canvas suggestion
  211. Another suggestion for layers
  212. an artrage mini app suggestion
  213. Apply paint thickness with pen pressure
  214. Canvas Lighting is broken
  215. Enhancement for ArtRage's image reference window.
  216. Stylus control options
  217. Custom Brush - Dirty Brush mode
  218. Load brush button
  219. Layer export Please add this option.
  220. Feature Request: BRUSH CONTACT options for Custom Brush
  221. Feature: a cursor "finder"
  222. Brush Designer Preview is too smooth
  223. Feature Request: Layer Names Position
  224. Feature Request : Brrush size by Slider
  225. Feature request : second artwork window
  226. Feature Request: Disable Watercolor edge
  227. Brush size when playing back a recording
  228. Tool tip hover over tool setting
  229. Mirror image ?
  230. Feature Request: Stylus Pressure control of Custom Brush Grain Intensity
  231. Make ArtRage an Animating Machine As Well
  232. full app for Chromebook in cloud
  233. Import .gih and .rif Brushes to .stk Format
  234. Value and Saturation Slider
  235. Custom Brush Cursor Shape
  236. Stencil Management and Text Formating
  237. Mirroring Polygons while in Paint Symmetry Mode
  238. Manually rotating a tracing image?
  239. being able to copy samples & toolbox & presets with ptg file
  240. being able to copy samples & toolbox & presets with ptg file
  241. A couple of paint interaction ideas
  242. Tool and panels default set up
  243. Where's the Complete Artrage 6 manual?
  244. Feature Request: Brush Opacity Adjust On Canvas
  245. A third vanishing point for the third dimension
  246. ArtRage for Windows 10 on ARM
  247. AUTOSAVE - please!
  248. Adjustable grid line width
  249. ArtRage Lite Preset Panel
  250. Stencil opacity