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  1. Document Panel improvements
  2. realistic gestion of colors
  3. tracing option Suggestion
  4. hotkeys for rotating brush head
  5. dry brush
  6. ability to change color wheel to look like photoshop's plugin
  7. Colour selection: 2 or 4 colours fading palette
  8. toggle to greyscale like in rebelle 3
  9. Hotkeys for next and previous brushes
  10. Now that Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has 8gb ram and 256gb storaage ...
  11. Sketch Brush Engine
  12. some bug reports and requests
  13. feature request: Zoom in enhancement
  14. turning canvas in smaller degrees
  15. pest control improvement
  16. Allow you to tap and drag tool size to more than 100% without shift
  17. Shortcut keys for next/previous blend mode
  18. Shortcut keys for specific actions/scripts
  19. Artrage Vitae Feature request select tools
  20. Artrage Vitae - Stencils
  21. More Text Features
  22. Copy/paste hex value from colour panel
  23. Feature Requests
  24. Eraser Mode Shortcut (Custom Brush)
  25. Artrage Vitae - on Steam
  26. Modify cursor to show brush aspect like the palette knife with a line in the circle
  27. How about a variable Zoom!
  28. Allow Palette Knife to hold more paint, but not thicker paint...I'll try to explain
  29. Active watercolors
  30. Would Like to have a BRUSH HISTORY feature added to the VIEW MENU
  31. Here's some things I wish Artrage Vitae had
  32. Color swatches not saved in PTG nor PSD formats?
  33. 对自定义画笔的的一些建议